Its still early

But I am really hungry. Woke up because of gastric's pain and all I can think about is the leftover Chicken's soup from last night dinner. Went to the kitchen and boiled a hot water and turn on the stove to heated up the soup. Its wasn't really hard. Nigella? pfft. 

 I'm trying to cut down my Coffee's intake and replaced it with a Tea instead. :)

 Leftover dinner: Chicken's soup with Chinese's pumpkins. Ah. Mad love with Chicken's soup and the herbs.

After re-filling the tummy with the soup, I was really bored and hit the The Sims 3 PLAY button. Its been awhile since I last play this. 

Ah. The CNY holiday has ended. And I am back to work. End of the month please come faster. Thanks you. HAHAHA. But still, the gastric's pain stay. TT.TT  Have a nice day everyone! 

P.s  All the pictures were edited and that explains the color. I was bored. Please excuse me. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. hey beautiful! omygosh i know that time of the month is soo evill!!

  2. mmmm that chicken soup looks yummy!! i love that kind of soup too XD

    Happy chinese new year btw!! ^^ hope the pains go away soon

  3. Heyyy gorgeous! Yup, couldn't agreed more on that!


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