Attending Graduation's ceremony

My Graduation's ceremony is two more weeks left to go. Due to the kindness and helpful ex-roommate, I managed to registered, booked a robes and settled some unsettled financial stuffs in Uni College. Its cost me a lots of moolah (money). There are few things left to do such as booking a flight's ticket going back to Sabah which I haven't do so due to the problems of hesitations, either to directly go back on Sunday or on Monday. -_- Other than that, finding the cheapest (not really psycho - mad cheap lah, but more like affordable) that close to KL Sentral so it will be more easier to travel around especially to PICC (where my Graduation's ceremony will be held).

List of things that I should do:

1. Buy Flight's ticket going back to Sabah
I will go back on Sunday I think. -_- Me don't like this feeling of unsure of a things. Ah.

2. Find an affordable place to stay
Have been checking the rates of the Hotel nearest KL Sentral and now I know where to         go but I have to scratch the budget out of my eyeball. -__-

3. Set a budget for Foods + Travelling expenses
I need at least RM _________ of money to survive. HAHA. Its a lots of money to be considered actually. If only there are good people who wants to give me some! Ugh.

4. Find a cute Formal clothes and shoe for the ceremony.
I will stick to Baju Kurung. They make me looks slimmer than any clothes. (seriously). Shoe? Ah. Simple white wedges will do. 

That's the list that I have been considering through the past few days. Other than that, I am now preparing an early notes and exercises for the Tuition because I will be gone for more than 3 days (I guess) and I don't want my students to feels left out when I'm not there. On the side note, health problems is no longer bothering me for now because I have been taking extra cautious with the foods and environments. Bye bye rashes and dry skins!

Practicing how to do the French Manicure. Want this kind of simple nails for Graduation.
I hope everything will end up well for all my plans. *finger's crosses* Oh. Did I mentioned it here that I got an extremely awesome result? OMG. I couldn't believe it myself. Too bad both of my parents are busy and the financial state is a bit messy and they couldn't accompany me to attend Graduation's ceremony. But its OK. I already make my big families proud as I am the first granddaughter and grandchildren on my mom's side. Ah. The relieve. I will keep updating more info about the Graduation including some girly's stuff such as make up and dresses and also some travelling tips and so on. (I had these plans in my booklet so I won't forget!) I'm OFF to work! *Toodles* 

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