2011 in Nutshells

2011 its not really 'good' to me but its not that bad either. The year started with both a good and bad memories for me. But I believe 2012 will be a good year for me to start anew.

January - Celebrated New Year's Eve and New Year's celebration with beloved BF and my family. At the same time, celebrated the BF's Birthday. Plus, went back to Uni to finished off my FYP (Final Year Project).

February - Allergies are getting worse. Went to Skin's Specialist and money are ripped off in total of more than thousands of Ringgit Malaysia but two weeks later, the allergy are coming back. -_-

March - Suspected for Chicken's pox and went back to hometown for 2 weeks in hope to get well soon. Also went for my first Nuffnang's premiere screening. Still feels sympathy for the victims of Japan's earthquake and Tsunami. (I believe that Japan is a very strong nation as they recovered faster after the natural's disaster)

April - Finished with my FYP in two weeks in a half since I got a new projects due to my health problems. (Still proud of myself). Posted my own TIPS for The LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. Went to a movie's premiere screening with the BF at One Utama. Spending lots of time with assignments, Thesis and the BF. Went for a SUSHI's Marathon with the BFFs. Faith. Love. Hope hits 100th Followers. Had terrible experiences about Housing and managed to settle it. Posted my 1st Make up post in my Blog. On 28 April 2011, FAITH.LOVE.HOPE have its 1st year Birthday/Anniversary. Watching the Royal's Wedding and dreaming to wear the same wedding's dress as Kate Middleton. OMG.

May - Still busy with the last semester. Happy with 3.82 pointer and the BF celebrated it with me. Someone ripped off my blog's post. LOL. Health is getting OK. Dyed my hair black again. Feeling a bits insecure with the weight's gains. 

June - June is the month where I gained weight tremendously. Spending the last month together with the BF before he went back to College and living far away from each other again. Jumped into the Internet's shopping wagon with the BF and bought so many stuffs. This is also the month where I spend most of my time pigging out with BF and friends and my dear classmates together. 

July - Health is getting better and this is the month where I started packing my whole things to bring it home. This is also the month where I learned about something, especially in relationship. At the same time, I was having my VIVA and my heartbroken. He said that I had changed since then.

August - On 1st August, I started my practicum @PPPL and at the same time, still recovering from the brokenhearted situations. Lots of people had been worrying over us but I know the one that can made the decision is me. Become the TRUE #BlackJacks 2NE1's fans! I become 22 years old on 28th August. 

September - Celebrated Hari Raya @Ranau and also celebrated my dad's birthday. Is the month where me and the BF celebrated our 2nd year anniversary which turned out very bad. :\ Almost wanted to end the relationship at that time.

October - The last month of practical @PPPL. The 4th time in the year where my allergic struck during HPPNS days. 

November - The beginning of my unemployed life. Writing a post on Confessions of my Brokenhearted. I do hope that its cleared things up. After 3 months of confused minds and tired heartbroken and the feeling of less appreciated, I finally confessed to the BF and we made our decisions to stay together. Things went great for a few weeks with me and him.

December - Finally, the end of the year. Things went great with me and the BF. Mine and his family meet up during our first family's road trip. This is also the month where I get the chances to get closer to his mom and siblings. Celebrated the New year's Eve @Labuan with his Family and we went to New Year's Mass together. 

 Hi from Labuan! :)

 The BF and Me. -_- I am so short next to him.


To sum all up, 2011 has been the great year for me to be more independent and also to be more mature. I learned how to survive broken heart, learned that the people you love and care the most is the person that will hurts you the most, let it be your family member, lovers or your own friends, I also learned how to forgive and gave a person a second chances. I learned that prayer is the best way to talk through your problems spiritually. I learned too many things in 2011 in order to be strong and I believe 2012 will be another year full with a new experiences and memories for me. So, I welcome 2012 with an open heart. Whatever the year 2012 will bring, I will try my best to accept and take it with challenges.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Your 2011 was better than mine.Ha-ha.Have a great 2012 ya! (:

  2. Ha ha ha.. not that bad.. If I'm posting mine, mesti hancur gila2 tu.. But about relationship, selalu lancar gila2 tu kalau si Aki.. Ho ho ho..

  3. @♥ arlen Hi Arlen, Thanks you! I hope you will have an awesome 2012 too! :)

  4. @Aki Alaa Aki, besa la tu..HAHA..Hidup mesti ada atas dan bawah..cewah! HAHA, Iya, sy patut minta TIPS Hebat dri Aki pasal relationship ni..besa lah, kami sama2 perlu kasi matang diri..hehe..


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