The world has turned its cold side on me

This is pretty much a rambles and rants. I just lose my beloved puppy, Teh yesterday. T.T Rest in peace. My financial aren't getting better and business is slow. Plus, I still don't have those Christmas's spirit. -_- Little sister got sick after our puppy passed away. Teh has been the great puppy that we ever had for a very long time. She was sick four days ago where she don't want to eat or drink, until it came to one point where me and my sister forced her to. I really hope she survive but she didn't. We both still in grief. Even KK (my other puppy) is grieving because she has none to play with, anymore. 

However, I am still thankful to God that my family are here. This year will be the first Christmas and New Year celebration that I wouldn't freak out about study or new semester and the killers subjects. Plus, the BF will come over to my place this week! Wohoo! I am excited and at the same time, very very nervous. His parent comes along too and if there's nothing on a way, we're going to Keningau and Tenom for a road trips! *Fingers crosses*

I know its been a while since I post a VAIN picture of myself. Its just I'm not into camwhoring anymore. -_- I just don't understand why. 

Went to Karaoke with the BFF on Saturday and looks at these romantic light! Too bad my BFF is a girl. Lesbo much? :D

And YES, I finally set up my Christmas tree yesterday. Late much?

I love those color. <3

And......I am really SORRY for not blogging much these days. I have scheduled a few posts before Christmas. Also, THANKS YOU very much for every comments on my post eventhough I'm away. xD I am touched! 


Thanks For Reading.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. If it's any consolation, it's a good thing she was in a warm home, and surrounded by people who cared for her.

    Ah, don't worry about not really feeling Christmas-y, Fay. I haven't felt in the mood for Christmas for five years now. It seems as if it's always there, all of a sudden and without notice. (I really should get out of the house more often, maybe watching the decorations in town will help)

    Happy holidays, girl, enjoy your time with the family and your boyfriend! x

  2. huhu RIP Teh... i remembered how i cried and got depressed for 1 week after my beloved cat died...

    And i'm still not on Christmas mood :( maybe it's the thesis, and the oncoming exam...

    ps: let's go "lesbo"-ing again next time :3 after i fin my exam laa hehehehe

  3. @Bibi *hugs* Aw..Thanks you very much Bibi..I'm feeling a bits better now and my sister also recovering faster. I will miss the puppy though.

    I have no ideas too why I lose the Christmas's spirit these year because I usually are anticipating with this season.

    Happy Holiday too hun! :) Have a wonderful Christmas season and awesome new year!!

  4. @Amarantha Thanks you sis! ^.^ Yup, lets go lesbo-ing again soon! Definitively after you finish your exam!! :D


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