The Sims 3: Late Night + Generations

Hi. Its been a while now. I've been caught up with house chores and playing The Sims 3 Expansion packs which are Late Night and also Generations. The other expansion packs such as High End Loft, Ambitions and Pets are currently still under downloading procedure. And I am officially back to 'Sims'ing' world. Plus, I still have no jobs and I am now doing business as contact lens's agent. 

What's really interesting about the Late Night and Generations expansion packs is the new stuffs and also the new activities for the Sims. For the LATE NIGHT expansion pack, you can actually meet a VAMPIRE! (No, they don't sparkle btw) and your Sims also can become a CELEBRITY! And of course, your Sims also are able to 'turned' into a vampire where your Sims must asked the vampire to turn you btw. Other than that, for one Sims to be a celebrity, they have to befriend with a celebrity (of course) and impressed them with their talents, money etc. Another interesting things in Late Night expansion for Celebrity part is the "PAPARAZZI". Yes. They do exist in the celebrity Sims world and mostly very annoying one too.

As for the GENERATIONS expansion pack, its all about FAMILY or to be exact, the kids and the teens. The kids can actually set a booby traps for the parents and they also have a mood/hormone changing situation where they always want to be rebellious! -_- Which I really hate. And, surprise surprise, the adult also will undergo MIDLIFE CRISIS. Other than that, rebellious teens/kids can be punished by taking away their favorite toys and also grounded by their parents. If the parents want their children to be a successful Sims in the future, they also can send their children into a Boarding school which I think very cool because I want the parents to have their own 'night life'. Ya' know, visiting the bars, dancing all night long and become more popular. *I'll never be a good parent. sigh.*

 When two celebrities went skinny - dipping and passionately kissing each other in the hot tub, the paparazzi went craaazy and caught the moment and the picture end up in the Morning's Newspapers. HAHA.
 Advantages of being a celebrity: VIP room + Discounted foods/drinks/groceries + Free stuffs + Everyone want you! + You make mistakes = End up in the Newspaper and you will be humiliated for 3 days!

 Isn't she looks like a Barbie's doll? ^^

Pillow's fighttttt!! Hwatt!!

Gee. I talks too much about The Sims already! -_- However, since I'm a BIG FAN of The Sims, I was thinking about doing a details review about all the expansion pack. ^^ Can't wait for it. AH. I finally feels relief actually when this blog is updated. EHEE. 

P.s I finally went to Salon and done my Christmas's hair yesterday and bought few items in my Christmas's wish - lists. How about you?

Thanks For Reading.


  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. i was addicted to sims 2! s in i would prefer playing it than study for finals! hahah..but im glad i got over the addiction. you have such a cuuuute blog!

  3. I played the sims in class :) I am addicted to the game.And oh ..hye there :)

  4. @Mr Lonely Hey Mr Lonely, Thanks For passing by! ^^

  5. @Eunica Aww! We're almost the same!! When I got my 1st THE SIMS, I slept very late and still until now. >.<

  6. @Dephnie Dewi Hi there!! Thanks you for dropping by! :D

  7. I miss playing this game! i used to play it ALL day. literally!


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