Recheck [2011 Resolution]

So, its that time of the year again where you went to check if your this year resolutions are all done or half - way done or never done at all. To be honest, ever since I put on a New Year resolution in my life, I never accomplished everything in the list completely. Because I never take the list seriously. -_- Sometimes, I do wonder why I put a list of a New Year resolutions anyways. These past 3 - 4 years, my minds and wishes were all dedicated for educations and studies stuffs. I.e I want a better grade. I want to get A for these subjects. I want that, those and these. But 2012 will be different. Lots of in-similarities. 

This is my 2011 Resolutions which was posted HERE. And for some readers that has been following me since the beginning of my blogging journey, they also know that this resolution were COPY-PASTED by irresponsible blogger in HERE. I never thought that my blog were popular enough to be copy - pasted. LOL. OK OK. Back to the 2011 Resolution thingy. I FAILED ALMOST ALL OF THIS YEAR RESOLUTIONS. FML.

1. I am MORE TERRIBLE HARDCORE SPENDER this year. Saving my a** lah. With the BF @KL for 6 months, I have been spending like crazy. Seriously FAILED!

2. To be HEALTHY in term of WEIGHT, EATING HABITS and EXERCISING. Weight = Still going up and down. Eating habits = Still worst as ever. fml. Exercising = Swimming. Laughing. Shuffling and running. (Improvement, me gusta!)

3. My Graduation is on 04 February 2012. And Yes, I guess with the high chances of Upper Second Class Honor. 

4. EPIC FAILED. I'm still traumatizing about driving a car. I can imagine myself getting into an accident.

5. NOT ENOUGH MONEY. Please help me by clicking my ads! :3

6. Not that long enough. -_- Still cannot persuade my parents to let me dyed my hair Blonde. ftw

7. I have been good. I stop buying heels. That's only because I rarely go out. fml

SEE. The useless 2011 resolution is not even half way done. -_- Should I list another New Year's resolutions for 2012? I will keep dragging these list until I accomplished them all. LOL. That will be darn boring. ~.~ Anyhow, I will be spending my New Year's Eve at my BF hometown. Asking for permission from the parent is really tough, let alone asking for financial support and emergency stuffs etc. Though, at the end of the day, mom finally said OK, please take a good care of yourself. *I could hug her right away* LOL. But seriously, I am really glad and happy that they gave me the permission. I just hope that everything turn out good tomorrow. *finger's crosses*

Wishing everyone have an AWESOME, AMAZING, MAGICAL AND SAFE NEW YEAR'S EVE 2011. Lets welcome 2012 with cheers! 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. whoa... in my point of view maybe she thought it was ok kali and that she only copied a little bit.

    can't say much I am not good in judging people.

    Anyway,Happy New Year. P/s saya pun mahu menabung ni.

  2. @Cherrie.Mia Mungkin lah kali, but for me biar seja la. HAHA. Lgipun dia suda delete tu Blog. xD Happy New Year 2012! Iya, mari kita sama2 menabung. hihihi

  3. Wow.. you're almost graduated! I wanna congratulate you and hope that you have an energy to get through the exams and all things (:

    Maybe after the graduation, your parents will think twice about allowing you to dyed your hair blonde ;D

    Happy New Year, dear!

    Dreamy Princess

  4. @Dreamy Princess Hi Dear, Thanks you for your wishes! *hugs* I still can't dyed my hair all Blond Blond for sure because of Goverment's career required a strict rules for its employee. *sigh*


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