Blessed Christmas!


Ought to be posting a blog post on Christmas's Eve but I was caught eating (pigging) for two days in a row. -_- Bloated tummy makes me feels sleepy hence the 'No Post' kind of situation. I had a very simple but delightful Christmas this year. Unlike any other year, this year I am more into the spiritual season rather than spending a sum of money on clothes and other stuffs for Christmas. I simply enjoying this blissful celebration with my beloved family and relatives. Went out to one to two open houses and ate a lots of yummy food and getting to know other relatives as I have been gone for more than 3 years and most of my relatives barely know me as I am not that kind of out - going person. -_-"

On Christmas's Eve

Christmas's Eve Mass @St Augustine, Kinarut 

I put tons of make up on my eyes but sadly..T.T Its doesn't show! wtf

2nd little bro. A bit camera shy though he is a very talented photographer. -_- Awkward 

OOTD - A White and Blue halter neck dress + Black cardigan + Navy Blue Jean + DOSS 4 inch heels. Sorry no full picture. HAHA. I look humongous. -_-

Hiding my humongous self behind my tiny little sister. -_- I hid well. buhaha.

On Christmas's Day

P.s Only a vain pictures of myself. No family's member! buhahaha

 Taken @Open House. -_- Its says, I'm hungry. EAT. EAT.

Blessed Christmas! From the Chubbies. xoxo

I hope that summarized my Christmas's celebration. As I said, I don't really enjoyed the ornaments of Christmas's trees and light because I am more into the spiritual bliss of this joyful season. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time with your family, friends and loved one. 5 days before we end 2011, Have your last year resolutions are all completed? ME? Nah. HAHA. 

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