Thanks Nuffnang!

It's actually has been a pretty while since Nuffnang gave me a Buffered Earning or BE. Since I blog less these day, I thought Nuffnang will ignore this lazy - ass blogger. -_- However, I went to check my Nuffnang account today and found out this!

So, THANKS YOU very much Nuffnang! You guys are the best. Don't forget to click the BE ads running on my blog ya. If you have click, leave a comment down below so I can go to your blog and click your ads. ^^ I will returned the good deeds of clicking my ads, so do not worry. Ah. I'm off to play COCO Girls on Facebook. 

Till Then. ^^

Thanks For Reading


  1. aww yay for nuffnang xD i clicked your ad~ i dont think i have one atm...i dont even know LOL

  2. @Fern Li Aww *hugs* Thanks you very much babe! I did try to find an ads in your blog but you don't have it. It's Okay. I will repay you once you have it,'kay. Thanks cutie! ^^

  3. first BE kah ? tahniah. ekek. sa punya rm1.5o sudh tapi gitu ja laa angka dia. nda pandai naik sudah. =.=

  4. @Liling Hi Liling! ^.^ Bukan first BE but BE yg dapat setelah sekian lama..rasanya mau dekat 4 - 5 bulan gitu..hahaha...:) paling tggi BE sy pernah dpat pun Rm 2 lebih ja...tu pun sy malas mau update blog..-_- Anyways, thanks for visiting! I did click an ads in your blog. Cheers!

  5. HAHA. naaa. susah kan mau dpt BE ni.

    ahh ? ko klik ads sa ? baa sa klik juga oke. Tq =)

  6. @Liling Iyaa..Thanks u too! :) Nanti bsok sy tlg klik2 lgi..ehee


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