The result of being unemployed

I have been emailing + applying for a jobs merely for more than 3 weeks now. Everyday I woke up with hope that the company or someone else called me for a jobs. -_- However, none called or reply my cover letter + resume. Damn. But I keep my head high and keep the positive thinking. Eventhough I am unemployed, I woke up exactly at 6 am in the morning and sleep at 11 pm at night. HAHA. The reason why I woke up early is because my dad will yell to all of us so we woke up as soon as possible. -_- Its pretty uncool though but we all woke up because he keep nagging us to. miamiamia. 

As a result of my boredom at home, I downloaded The Sims Medieval and play it for 2 days straight and become bored afterward. -_- My little brother keep saying that its so boring and very 'medieval'. And I just deleted the game today. Still waiting for 2 of my The Sims 3 extensions games which is Late Night and also Ambition expansion. Other than playing games, I also exercising and doing the house chores including becoming a full times chef at home. Moreover, the most important result is the changes of my blog header and background! HAHA. I changed it twice this month, if you guys notice about it.

I know. I know. Everything is so PINK. I think I am embracing my real inner Virgo now. You know, the more lady - like ME. HAHA. My header is more chic and look very 'clean' now. I'll stay away from any 'too many' header that make it look so childish for a time being. And I think I will stick to this current background and header for a while. 

LOVE this new video by Simon and Martina. I love the message behind the Brown Eyed Girl - Cleansing Cream MV. Check this out guys. 

Signing OFF for now. BaiBai.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. the longest i've been jobless was like a month plus. itupun luckily ada kwn aunty saya promote kerja.

  2. @Cherrie.Mia Wa. Bestnya. Its been 3 weeks already. Haish. Skrg keja part time pun teda sebab mostly student cuti2 kan, so penuh. Not my luck, really. sob sob.

  3. keep at it. it is really hard to find a job now =/


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