My Christmas's list


Ah. I just had a delicious dinner and as I am waiting for the food to settle down in my stomach, I decided to update the blog before taking a shower. With Christmas just a month away, have you guys decided what you want for Christmas this year? ME? I write down less lists for this year. I have everything that I need now. My loving family. Finally a better health. The BF coming back soon. My business doing great though its just started. And GOD still love me. So, I think I will be more THANKS-FULL this year rather than asking for more things. 

My Christmas's list

1. New hair color

And I decided to lose this terrible ombre-ed hair color for now. Thinking of rebonding my hair at first but I changed my mind because I might not look good with rebonding hair. -_-

2. Something white, something black and something red for Christmas's dress.
Inspiration? Hm. I have to window shopping this weekend to know what fits me well and appropriate for me. ^^

3. New Jean.

That's all I can think about right now. HAHA. Because I think I will saved some moolah for new books. ^.^ And also for the new year celebration. Other than that, I think I want to bake some cupcakes either this week or next week, just to practice before Christmas, because I want to bake some and give it to my cousins and friends. 

So, How about you guys? Did you make your list yet? Don't forget to share.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hey.. Happy thanksgiving!((:

    I like the idea of coloring hair. I want to color my hair brown..

    Oh, I think I need a new dress too! I haven't buy new dress since forever!! Thanks for remind me^^

    Dreamy Princess

  2. My First list will be, GOing back to Sabah dulu.. Ha ha ha..

  3. come to blog also ya, ada contest if you want to join..

  4. @Dreamy Princess Hi Joanne! Its been a while. :)

    Glad that I remind you about the Christmas's list. ^.^ Don't forget to update us your new hair color and new dresses for Christmas. ^^

  5. @Aki Wa..Bila flight balik KK Aki? Hehe..iya, itu list paling utama bila berada jauh di perantauan..^.^

  6. @ElieSanora Hi ElieSanora, Thanks for dropping by. Did visited your blog and I am thinking about the contest. Ehe. I love Kaiso too. :) Lots of amazing stuffs in there.

  7. waaa phay.. i feel like i just forgot that christmas is coming soon...

  8. @Amarantha Whaaaat?? You must have been very busy until you forgot that Christmas is just a month away..Chillex sis..we're going to have a heaps of fun when we're going out soon! ^.^


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