I am happy now

Hi guys. 

First of all, I want to apologize for the 2 previous post that I have posted before. I am sorry if the rantings and the complaining about my personal stuff did hurt anybody feelings and also I want to say THANKS you very much to everyone, for your supportive and encouraging comments. Thanks you. I really appreciate one and each of you. 

For those who are concerns and  had message me and PM me about these matter and advise me to take a better decisions once I was calm down, here, I want to say THANKS YOU. I never thought that I have lots of supportive and also a very good friends here in Blogger or in Facebook. For your guys information, before I posted about my problem, I've already had an arguments and decided the final decision with my BF, which is of course accepted by both parties. HAHA. We won't break up. And we will not. Our love for each others are still very strong. *ahem* Thus, he asked me to be very patient and less jealous when he was busy. I really love him because he understand me completely now. He was still sorry and still want to prove his love for me. But that will have to wait until the end of this year when we will be able to meet face to face. *love* So, to make it shorter, I love him. He love me. We are the strongest couple now. *brags*

Other than that, I am very happy today because of...*drum - rolls*

My very first MAC powder foundation. Haven't try it out yet. Will rave about this once I have try it. OK.^^;

My Britney Spear Inspired Hidden Fantasy perfume (which I love to the bits and that's why I bought it larger this time) and of course, my first ever CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle perfume. Ah. Love 'em.

Close up. I love all Britney's inspired fragrance. I thinks its my signature perfume. ^^

My customer lenses. Feel free to check out my Facebook profile ya! :) I only take order  in Malaysia only. Sob sob. I don't ship internationally. *sad*
So, that's why I am now officially become a very HAPPY girl. Too bad that the BF cannot share this happy moments with me because his laptop is wrecked. =.=" Poor him. He must wait until the end of the years to claim the warranty for his laptop. Lucky him, mine got expired a while ago. And for those who are wondering about my Twitter account, you guys can check it out here @FrydolinaFay  I just made it a few days ago. HAHA. 

Oh. Before I stop, I would like to wish to my dearest friend in Blogger, Miss Mitchell from My Breaking Dawn a HAPPY ENGAGEMENT DAY to you and your fiance'. God bless both of you. ^^ Will follow your footstep soon. Eh. :P T'lepas cakap. HAHA. Anyways, to those who got engaged or got married today, wishing you guys all the best and GOD BLESS.

Happy 11.11.2011 everyone! Stay safe, healthy and positive. Fay's signing off now. Baibai.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Love fight actually makes love grew stronger even though it's painful. btw... wish you all the best for your relationship and can't wait for the MAC raving...

  2. i'm glad you feel better dear. being sad isn't a very welcome emotion. yea, they are very relationship-obsessed people in korea. sometimes it feels like you have a bf or gf just so others don't see you as a loser! that being said it is probably right that White Day and Pepero Day is such a great marketing day there.

    please visit my new site!

  3. Glad you're happy dear :) don't be sad2 aa... huhuhu or me sad2 too..

  4. @Shellia89 Hi Shiela, Thanks you! Will be posting about the MAC Foundation soon. :) Keep updated with me. ^^

  5. @Ken Hi Ken, Thanks you very much for your supports! ^^ I'm not really a relation - obsessed person but I think I'm really scared to be hurt by people that I love. Anyways, Happy belated Pepero's day! :)

  6. @Amarantha Honey, don't worry! I'm not sad anymore. I'm anticipating with Christmas's advent coming soon! Please make your holiday goes faster and get well soon ya! ^^


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