Flowers. Chili. Puppies

Happy 1st week of Advent! ^.^ 

Just a few shots that I took using my lame Sony Cybershot few days ago. I was bored. My Sims 3 Late Night Expansion destroyed my base Sims 3 and now I have to wait for merely 3 days to download the base game again. -_- Just how pathetic my life sound right now. *sigh* Other than that, I had trouble sleeping at night again. Its due to the reason that I am thinking too many stuffs in my head. I think too much at a time and I can't stop it. Its hereditary, I think. 



Meet the puppies, Teh and KK

 The rotated - genetic puppy, Teh. She can't grow tall anymore. -_- Only grow wider. She's really small but she possessed such a big stomach. P.s Ignore the no make up face.

The stolen puppy from Internship place, I named her KK. Of course after the name of Kota Kinabalu. HAHA. Lame.

Can't wait for the end of this month. End year's sales are everywhere and I'm going to stuck up myself in the crowd to find my Christmas's dresses. ^.^ And bought myself a new gadget.    Or indulge myself in vanity by buying more skin care stuffs and make up stuffs. -_- If possible, of course. (slap self, you're unemployed. Don't dare to waste money on stuffs that you won't use!) P.s Please don't tell my BF. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hey chilies putih..sedap sad susah mahu cari sini...

  2. @Cherrie.Mia Eheee. My dad yg tanam sebab 1. susah cari 2. sangat2 mahal d tamu (T.T) 3. 1 keluarga kaki makan pedas...ehehhee

  3. Itu lada kaler putih bah, bikin meliur. Setahun sudah sia x jumpa tu barang.

    And I have a cat nama KayKay. Sebab asal dia dari KK. hahaha.

  4. @Gunaqz Ehehe..xpa Gunaqz, nanti ko bawa balik sana..mana tau dapat tanam di negara luar..kasi belajar durg makan pedas2..hahahaa (jahat oo)

    Hee..can't think of any cute name suda..KK pun KK lah..:P

  5. Pretty pictures!!
    Ahh I can't wait for the end of year sales too *_*! Eee, need to get some new clothes :D

  6. @Melody Thanks you sweetie! Gah, I can't wait too!! :)

  7. Hey Fay! Oh girl, I missed you, so so so sorry that I didn't get to comment any sooner :(

    Ah, I'm a terrible sleeper myself, wish I could give you some tips on how to fall asleep faster, or how to take your mind off things, but the main reason why I can't fall asleep at night is because I can't stop thinking either.

    And it's not bad to pamper yourself every once in a while. A girl needs a bit of me-time. And when you buy products during sales, it's a double win!
    Hahaha, thanks for thinking I'm funny :P Sometimes it really stuns me when people start laughing after I've said something. Maybe I just say silly things all the time?

    P.S. You have a nice day toooo!

  8. @Bibi Hi Sweetie, its alright. I know you had been very busy before. Welcome back to Blogger's world! :)

    I really can't wait for this weekend as I'm going shopping with my younger sister. I'm going to pamper myself!!

    You're funny actually and I like your sense of humour! :)

    P.s Thanks you for the wish! :)


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