Dear blog,

I am really sorry for abandoned you and our utmost faithful readers for a while now. Its just I had difficult times of adjusting my current "unemployed" life now. *sigh* Other than that, I am also had trouble finding back my old "cheerful" self. Gosh. I don't really know what had happened but I think I'M IN MY 20's LIFE CRISIS! :\  I wish I don't have writer's block. I wish I can be happily smiling all the way just like nothing had happened in the past. OMG. How I hate those memories that I keep on reminded of. I AM SUCK! I'm a suck friends, GF, sisters, and out of most is, I am a suck ME. *pity those low self esteem now*

So, here I am. Writing this post with 'unbelievable' and the most 'craps' contents ever. HAHAHA. Sorry guys! Its took me a while to REST and FIND PEACE and bla bla bla (etc) but HEY, I am BACK to Blogspot world yo! *high five* So, YEAH. I'm currently unemployed due to the postponed graduation and I'm searching for a job. Wish me luck! ^_^


Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hope everything works out for you soon, good luck! On a side note, I love the Domo-kun :3

  2. Awww, try to do somethings that make you happy; my teacher told me when a person is feeling down, it's good to have a schedule. Perhaps you can give that a go?

    But yeah! Cheer up! This is just a rough patch, everything will be okay! :)
    Ooh, and welcome back to bloggers. ^^

  3. agree with above comment~

    N i love ur stuff animals... <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  4. @Shen Aw..Thanks you hun! I love Domo - kun too! ^^ My sister gave it to me. :)

  5. @Vivien Thanks you for your supportive comment dearest. I do find its very soothing. ^^ And Thanks you for the suggestions. All I need was to re - thinks of what I want and head up and go for it. ^^ I will do whatever that makes me happy.


  6. @HitomiNeko Hi, Thanks you! Rawrr..Everyone love stuff animals. Ehee. Have a nice day! ^^

  7. aww bebeh.. huhu don't be sad hunney, we all have crisis :)

  8. @Amarantha Yeah..Just jotting down my feelings here. HAHA. In hope that the BF won't read this and get upset. :X


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