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I have been tagged by my beloved sister, Amarantha. This is my second or third time of playing a tagged game in Blogger. Blew. Sorry for the late replied though. HEHE. 

So, like others tags. Here are the rules and regulations that you have to followed once you have been tagged.
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  2. Answer the question tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged the answer.
  3. Choose 11 people to tag the post and link them to the post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her last… no tags back ok :P
The Questions from Miss Amarantha: 

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. Name a horror movie from your childhood that still scares the shit out of you.
  3. What is the most cliché line from movies you can think about?
  4. What’s your favorite animal?
  5. What will you say if your future-self comes to visit you?
  6. Can you live without internet?
  7. What is the title to the song you hate the most?
  8. How will you react if Superman crash-landed into your room?
  9. Will you still date your boyfriend/girlfriend if you found out he/she is an 800 years old vampire?
  10. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done?
  11. Name a song that makes you LOL so hard.

11 Facts about ME

1. I have a boyfriend. HAHA.
2. I'm in long distance relationship for more than 2 years now. HAHA.
3. I am currently unemployed.
4. I have no social life apart from Facebook, Blogger and Twitter. 
5. I do have a real friends, but they are either too far away from me or they are very busy at the moment.
6. I hate my thigh. They are too big.
7. I love my boobs. But why are they so small. AHH.
8. I'm currently in love with my skin. Yay.
9. I'm currently collecting a miniature perfume. (Its make my bank broke)
10. Gee. I can't think of anything else. Oh. Here's a good one. I started to jog again. Smaller thigh please. Yeah.
11. I have Facebook, Blog, Tumblr, Formspring, and Twitter. 

Whew. *swipe sweats on the forehead* That's a lots. 

Now, answering the questions.

1. Why do you blog?
Out of misery and boredness. I create a blog. Why? Because I love to rants and complain. Before people actually know that I write a blog, I used to bad - talking about some people that annoy me. HAHA. Actually, I am telling you guys the truth. *wink wink*

2. Name the horror movie from your childhood that still scares the shit out of you?
Em. I can't think of any. HAHA. I don't watch horror movies that much when I was little. *ahem* I seriously can't think any of my childhood movies right now. AHH.

3. What is the most cliche' line from the movies that you can think about?

Jamie: You know, why don't they ever a make a movie about what happens after they kiss?
Dylan: They do. It's called porn. From Friends with Benefits.

4. What's your favorite animals?
I must say that I am a DOG lover. I'm not biased with the other animals because I'm animals lover but I do love dogs more than the others (Yes, you're biased!). HEHE. I have 3 dogs plus 2 puppies at home. I got sick everytime my pets passed away. Thus, I'm limiting myself into a few pets only. *cough*

5. What will you say if your future - self comes to visit you?
*gasps* Wow. Its that ME. Well, I see a nice wedding ring there. *wink wink*

6. Can you live without internet?
Apparently, I cannot. WHY? Because now I have business that required an internet. And I can't live without OMG! What are they thinking. HAHA.

7. What is the title of the song that you hate the most?
*search Youtube* I never hate any song though. Because when I say I don't like the song, through times, I will be addicted to it. *sigh* But I still dislike Rebecca Black "Friday". HAHA.

8. How will you react if Superman crash - landed into your room?
Mr. Superman, please buy me a new bed. Thanks you.

9. Will you still date your boyfriend if you found out that he is an 800 years old vampire?
Question? He doesn't "sparkles" right? Sure. Why not. *wink wink* I am a hardcore fans of vampire (that does not sparkle) eventually. HAHA. Now bite me, my 800 years old BF. HAHA. 

10. What is the most ridiculous things that you have done?
Current ridiculous things that I have done is, I bought two Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. =,= I am just a plain idiot. Luckily, my bestfriend came to save me. 

11. Name a song that makes you LOL so hard?
LMFAO - I'm sexy and I know it. *wiggle wiggle* And I always wonder why their penises looks small. LMFAO. 

Now Now Now. Guys, I am breaking the rules! I know that everyone in the blog-sphere already plays this tag games and none left for me to tag with. *sob sob* Actually, I AM JUST PLAIN LAZY.    I'm in my Christmas mood and I don't think straight anymore. HARHARHAR. All I can think of is the merry season coming soon and I will be able to see my BF soon after. I really can't wait. How long has its been? 4 months or 5 months being apart. Yeah, LDR sucks! :\ Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this tag and I am welcoming anyone with big warm heart to do this tag if they're bored and don't forget to give me a link down below so I can check out yours. ^.^

Thanks For Reading.


  1. har har har! nouu phay.. nowadays, all vampires sparkle.. they think it's "in"..

  2. @Amarantha HAHAHAHA. That's funny. -_- Still, I dislike those vampire whom sparkle.

  3. I'm sexy and I know it.. ^_^.v..

  4. @Aki Suka bha c Aki..hahahahhahahahaa...smpai skrg sy masi ktawa tgok tu MV ow...aiyaa


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