1 month and half to go

With the "pigging - out" season coming soon, both Christmas and New year celebration will definitively make me gain weight and I must resist their temptation this time around. =..= Since I will be visiting my BF family in Labuan for New year celebration, I, in a must to get fit. I said get fit not thin. HAHA. I don't believe myself to be ever become a 58 kg anymore. If you says 58 kg is FAT, I'm going to slap you. I am tall and possess a heritable big bone. So, 62 kg it is. Also, I don't find myself beautiful if I was too thin. Lets says, I am more myself when I was chubby. 


I know I know. Above all the people, why I choose Kim Kadarshian. Simple, I love her curve. I have asset like her except for the upper part *sob sob* but still she looks gorgeous. 

I want to achive:
1. More flat stomach
2. More smaller thigh

That's all. HAHA. I have nothing against my body except those two. How am I going to do it? Of course by exercising. What's else? *sweat sweat* I do have to reduce my daily rice intake though and its freaking hard to do! Ah. :3 Anyways, this weigh has to stay! :')

Anyone trying to be fit now? Lets do it together ya! ^.^ Fighting!

Thanks For Reading.


  1. run around punson phay, i wait by my front gate to cheer you xD

  2. @Amarantha Darling, I do run! miahaha, but I usually run between 7pm - 8pm. Its hell scary dark but no one saw me. xD

  3. Same with me! We weight almost the same, believe me! I love my rice but its just plain hard to lose those fat from my lower part (stomach and tights)although doing some exercising. But I won't give up >.< Good luck to both of us

  4. @DoRa Priscilla I know right! :3 Lets do it together, hopefully we can lose some fats here and there especially on our thigh!! :) ehee


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