Something simple yet not plain

I have LOVE and HATE relationship with my hairs. My precious crown has been through a lots of; intensive hair dyeing, intensive hair curling and straightening and much more, so its has been pretty much in 'recovering' process now. After more than 2 months leaving the hair untouched without dyeing, curling or straightening, its finally growing again and looks pretty much OKAY than previous one. OK. I admit that there is some moment where I wish I just need to 'DO' something to my hairs but YEA, I have strong determination to make it more healthier and grow faster. ^///^

However, as the time passed by, my hairs look awesomely 'boring' and 'plain'. Then, I saw this:

I want to give my hairs some lights and a sparks again and I think this one is very simple to DIY and low maintenance rather than dyeing my whole hairs. So, finger's crosses everyone! I'm going to Ombre dye my hairs. OH YEA~

Hopefully this would look NICE on me. Ah. Just had a retails therapy today and I feels so AWESOME. Thought of doing a hauls but feel kind of lazy (~,~") or maybe I'll just post it tomorrow. 

Need to sleep early tonight as tomorrow is going to be a very long long long Monday. -_-"

 Hope you guys like the new layout. Kinda messy but its only for temporary. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. aww I wanna dye my hair too... but apart from henna dye, I can't do any other color... the con side of being a future teacher... huhuhuhu

  2. @Amarantha I dyed mine! woot! :3 but its seem to be more darker than the previous one. *sigh*


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