Recovering process

2 weeks before my last days of Internship. Ah. The times does flies so fast. I still clearly remembered how quiet and shy I am on my first day of internship. PPPL surely keep lots of good and memorable memories. I am currently updating my blog post @PPPL office since my internet connection at home just got cut off yesterday and I need to deal with TM for that. Its suck when I can't update anything or barely got my internet social's life. Pathetic as I am now, I can't wait till this Month of October end, so I can go shopping with my BFF. However, there will be a less update (*again*) until my internet connection are back. Expected end of this month. :')

OK. Back to the title of recovering process: I am still in recovering process of sore throat/flu/allergic etc right now and I have been taking an extra cautious with my food intake/fluids and so on to make sure I will be better soon! :D I shed few pounds due to my unstoppable sickness and yea, I lost 4 kg or more. :'D 

My current self - picture. (14 October 2011)

Less rashes on my face and I can wear my glasses again.


OK lah. I think that's all I want to write for today. Har har. Sorry though, this post is a bit self - promotion today. Continue writing LI reports and once again, I can't promise to update this blog on weekends but I will try my best. I hope everyone will have a nice weekend! Mine is going to be fill with face/body treatment and yeah, house cores! :')

Have a nice weekend Everyone! :'D
Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hey Fay! Long time, wow! You're looking great as always though :) Glad to hear you're recovering from being ill (well, not the ill part, but the recovering part). And that you get to see your boyfriend at the end of the month.
    Keep doing well at your internship, almost done!

  2. I wish I was sick so i can lose 4kgs. :( HAHAHAHA! okay~ maybe i dont wanna risk my health to be slimmer. lol!!
    It's good to hear you are recovering though! ^^
    Ahhh i hate when internet gets cut off T-T you'll be fine though~!! i didn't have internet once for more than a month! Was so terrible T-T

  3. @Bibi Hi Bibi! Yea, its has been a while. How are you? Hope you're doing great there..^^ Thanks you so much..I hope I can finish this month faster and doing it well..:D

  4. @Fern Li LOL. Lucky you said you were just joking..hahaha..coz being sick is soooooooooooooooooo not cool..:( Ahh..I finally get my internet back..:D


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