HPPNS 2011

For those who doesn't know what HPPNS stand for, its actually a short term used for "Hari Peladang, Penternak dan Nelayan Negeri Sabah 2011". As an internship student, I'm actually quite lucky to be able to participate and involve in this annual event. Since most of the intern are not allowed to join or its a wrong timing of time and days or simply, they don't have the opportunity/chances to do so.

Some pictures I took using my lame Sony camera. *Psstt..I seriously need a new one! :3 Still waiting for my Nuffnang acc though. Don't forget to click my ads ya! :)*

1st Dinner on Wednesday. The fish taste so yummy and I end up eating without thinking about my allergic. So, Yeah. Rashes everywhere. >.<

Acar Seaweed or a type of salad that made from a seaweed. Its taste so good and refreshing.

This is where I do all my works. :)

Fighting's fish. Love em' color.

Fighting's fish competition.

Cooking competition.

Fighting fish that I bought for myself. Love.

Yours truly with dry skin and dehydrated + bloated face. Ah, you can blame the heat.

The last lunch on Sunday. I took the prawn but I end up not eating it at all. =.= with rashes everywhere, I think I should take extra caution for what I ate.

That's 20% of pictures I took during HPPNS. Didn't bother to caption it though because right after the event was finished on Sunday, I fell in sick. I has sore throat and muscle ache everywhere. *sigh* Its a sign showing how unfit I am. Nonetheless, I am very THANKFUL and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me and to those who has been helping me and taught me, THANKS YOU. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to participate in HPPNS again. *finger's crosses*

3 more weeks left before I finished up my internship. Gonna be busy writing and compiling all reports. Wish me luck! :)

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Si Fay bah pula ni. Cilaka ko. Sa google HPPNS td terus ko la kan link no. 2 di Google. Wahaha. Blogging jg ko ni ah. Kui3. Bgs ada jg geng blogger :P

    - Kakak Stef -

  2. All d best with your assignment bebeh! :3


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