Grilled Chicken chop @Upperstar

Finally got internet connection @Home. Its really hard to survive without one. *sigh*

Grilled Chicken Chop @Upperstar, Damai

Appreciation day where we're treated with good foods/drinks and lots of laughs. Ah. I really gonna miss PPPL and Fish Department's staffs. P.s When you're not invited. There are reason for it, please don't showed off with your thick face and pretend like you deserved it. :D

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  1. napa mcm hangus jak tu grilled chicken fay?
    but I know it tasted really nice ^^

  2. astagaaaa.... puuuuuunyaa lah sedap... rindu pla mo mkn grilled food cam ne tb2.. pdhal bru mgu lalu oredi mkn at secret recipe..

  3. @DoRa Priscilla Eh..iya kan..dalam gambar nampak mcm hangus pla...hihi..but I assure you rasa dia nda hangus pun..:) sedapppp

  4. @✿ Mitchell ✿ Makan2...aa..Secret pun rindu oo cheese cake dia..>.<"


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