Getting my mojo back!

Yea. Same old same old excuses for the no update from me. This is my last week in internship place and I feel quite mushy and reluctant to go. The staff here has grows on me and me to them and I really feels like I was part of them. *sigh* However, my journey isn't over yet! Will submit my LI reports before the end of this week and I'm expected to go sampling for Redtide Unit on Thursday and by Friday, I will be visiting Kota Belud and many place for fish hatcheries. Nothing really interesting had happen, except that my rashes are heals and some are still in healing process and I am now can be more confident again. My allergic really bring down my confidence level.

Most of you guys who know me well, know that I had my allergic reaction during HPPNS day and my face was really ugly and yukky! =..= But there's a lot of people who was taking my pictures on that day and there's this one person who took my pictures and said that I'M UGLY but with CS I'M PRETTY! wtf man! Most of my pictures aren't Photoshop-ed! I just adjust the light and sometimes just keep it raw like that. I am waaayyy beyond Photoshopping my face because I just want to look exactly like in the picture. So, here's the thing, so what if I'm not beautiful or not thin? I don't live to please people like you!

The "ugly" girl. He said.

Soup of the day: Corn's soup!

Lunch for yesterday: Mushroom with herbs, Fried Mushroom and Fried brinjal.

 Faith. Love. Hope is under construction! :D Thinking of a new header and layout! ^_^ 

Fay is signing of to write LI report! Thanks For Reading.


  1. your lunch looks great! wah sedap ^^

  2. @DoRa Priscilla Thanks Dora! ^_^ Ni di area Kingfisher, ada kedai Vegeterian di sana..try la if u got time..:) makanan2 dia mmg sdap n sihat!

  3. tak pernah minum corn soup ne dear.. pa rasa dia sedap juga ka?

  4. @✿ Mitchell ✿Boleh tahan jga la rasa dia...its taste a little bit of sweet and tu rasa corn mmg terasa ni..:)

  5. Now he's an ugly person for calling you ugly. I mean, he's ugly on the inside. Bah! You're just you, a beautiful, intelligent, kind and amazing girl, and if he can't appreciate that, then he's not worth listening to, there, I said it. Don't mind that person :)

    Good luck on your last week!!

  6. I've tagged you :D click @

  7. @Bibi Thanks Bibi! Yeah, I'd ignored him. I have better things to do. hehe. *hugs*

  8. @Amarantha Hey sis, will do your tag soon ya! hehe. Been caught up with laziness here. :3


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