Busy weekend

Just finished packing some clothes and essentials that I need because I'm staying outside for HPPNS days, except toiletries and make up essentials since I'm going to use it first. I'm suppose to be updating last night but I forgot (^///^) because I was so tired and had a date with the BF in Skype. So, YEAH. I will be gone for 4 days and there will be NO update because I won't bring my laptop since its I will be so busy (Not so sure lah >.<") and I'm afraid if I will lost my beloved lappy or someone steal it. 

Recaps of yesterday and the days before

Went out to Church on Sunday. :) I love looking fresh and awake.

Got a little retails therapy on the same day and bought these babies. :D LOVE 'em.

Nails of the week. A simple pink glitters gradient.

Bought some phone decoration and thinking of bling-ing out the phone once I'm not that busy.

I ombre-ed my hair but I keep a secret from the BF. >.< Thus, I need these babies.

That's all I guess. I will be back on Sunday's evening. :D Have a nice day everyone!

Fay's signing OFF now! BaiBai.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hi OrangeFay,
    You are too cute! I think the best kind of makeup is the fresh faced look. I love your blog. It is so cute! Especially the vintage background. Roses are my favorite. I'm a new follower! Can't wait to see what you do to your phone with the crystals. I bet it'll be cute.

    Take care,

  2. I DESPERATELY love your nails! and please do bling your phone, can't wait to see it <333


  3. @DoRa Priscilla Thanks Dora! :) I'm back and replying ur comment~ ehe...:)

  4. @Amarantha woot woot! I had so much fun sis. Thanks u! :)

  5. @Rosamond Kim Hi dearest, Thanks you very much for the compliment. :) Will be posting about the DIY phone bling soon! :) Thanks again for following my blog.


  6. @Jodie Aw. Thanks you! Will be posting about it soon ya! ^^


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