Typhoon Nesat

If you guys live in Sabah, especially in KK area, you guys probably know that last night storms that cause some turmoils in our beloved Sabah, which is a splatter from a real hurricane/typhoon. Its a NESAT hurricane/typhoon that hits Philippine today. :'( I pray that everyone are safe and no accidents happen. Sometime we can't really fight natural disaster. I send my prayer to those people living in affected areas, May God bless us all and keep us safe. Amen. 

Footage that I found in YouTube. Quite scary. :'( I remember the feeling of nausea and dup dap heartbeat when I saw the sea condition this evening. I was like "OMG. This is worse than I thought." I don't know how long is this condition of heavy rain and storm will occurs, but it will be great if we all can keep updating the situation by listening to the news or something.

Stay safe everyone! God bless all. 

**Gonna sleep early tonight, I have half of my face swollen due to my wisdom's tooth. :\ Why oh why this freaking wisdom tooth are f****king hurt! :'( Oh well, Good night everyone! :)

** Oh, apparently there's a blackout in my areas and that's why I can't post this up. Oh well, Good morning people! Lets hope for a better day.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. I slept on a semi-wet bed on Tuesday morning.. huhu..

  2. oh wow! .___.
    i hope everyone will be okay and stay safe ><

    go take your wisdom teeth out! :P better now than later!

  3. byk pokok tumbang d ums jga ni huhuhuhuh... why u haven't cabut your wisdom tooth? hahahaha cian phay...

  4. @DoRa Priscilla Betul2...cian ko dora..:'( mimang bikin takut oww angin dia kan..still, until now masih angin kuat..:\

  5. @Fern Li Gahhh!! I wish I can! >.< The dentist asked me to wait for a few days until the swells and pains are gone...>.< Then, he can take out my wisdom tooth after that...:(

  6. @Amarantha I seriously wanna cabut bha that gigi on Monday..but cannot leh..:( have to wait until the pains/swelling are reduced, then can la..:( Ow..how long this damn pains is going to haunt me..even my face look dis-oriented..:O


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