[Review] Max Factor Earth Spirit Eyeshadow - Ultra Aqua

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I'm not really a big fan of eyeshadow because (1) I don't know how to precisely apply the eyeshadow -NOOB here! (2) I have double eyelids, but but but no matter how much I put my eyeshadow on, when I opened my eyes, everything DISSAPEARED and INVISIBLE. -_-" See, that's why I stick to eyeliner only. *sigh*

So, Yuberactive recently send me this Max Factor Earth Spirit Eyeshadow in Ultra Aqua for review purposes. You guys should check out YUBERACTIVE new site looks ok. :D THANKS YOU Yuberactive. However, lets go straight to the review, should we?

Products claim:

Make room in your make-up bag for the ultimate everyday eye shadow! With a light, silky texture, Earth Spirits is ideal to create a subtle day look for the office or a dramatic, sexy look in the evening. Micro colour pigments mean that colours are resistant to creasing or fading and there's a colour to suit every occasion - choose from soft neutrals through to strong, fashion colours hot off the catwalks of Milan and Paris. It's so versatile that make-up artists love to use it as an eyeliner as well.

Here's the product:

OK. Whats really get me is that this eyeshadow claim to be used as eyeliner, so I thought, "wow" That's so awesome! When I got the Max Factor Earth Spirit Eyeshadow in Ultra Aqua, I'm quite dissapointed because its a  shimmer's eyeshadow which from most of my experience, a shimmer's eyeshadow usually not that pigmented and of course if it's not pigmented enough, its won't shows up when you're using it as eyeliner.

However, this eyeshadow is really pigmented despite its actually a shimmering eyeshadow. (Thumb up!) Its also has this light and silky texture which gave me an instant color to my eyes. Yes, it's definitely can be used on daily occasion. Its also gave me this bold eyes looks and definitely attract more attention from people.

Rate: 4/5 (Less 1 because I don't really into shimmer eyeshadow)

Repurchase: Definitely if its come in more neutral color. :D

Sometimes, an additional of color won't hurt. :D

[Disclaimer] Product provided by Yuberactive but it does not affecting my thought and experiences in any other way. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. I think it looks great on you! The colour really suits you, and maybe the pictures don't really give a good idea but it doesn't look too shimmery on you. I guess if it is too shimmery for an everyday look, you can still wear it at parties or for an evening out.

    re your comment: Ah you're one of the testers ;) My Mum is also a very big fan of the little free nibbles, shopping with her always takes much longer than shopping by myself XD

  2. @Bibi Thanks Bibi! :D I agreed, the picture don't do any justices to the shimmer color though. :x I probably need to get a new camera~ *sobs*

    :D I love new to try new food products, ehe. :D

  3. thanks for the review! :D the colour looks really nice on you ^^
    haha i also don't like wearing too much shimmer~ because when taking photos, the shimmer will reflect to much light and the true colour of the eyeshadow seems to look really faint >>


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