One day off

On the 2nd day of EID, my family decided to visit our Dad's side relatives and celebrate EID. It's a 2 days and 1 night trip since on Friday, I don't have holiday. *sigh*

Your truly without any make up except eyeliner. My eyes are so puffy and skin are dried out due to extreme cold temperature at my grandma's place. 

Welcome to Randagong lama, Ranau. Scenery from my grandma house. That's Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and ranked 20th in the world. YES. That's why it's so freaking cold! :3

So, we went to my cousins and aunt's EID Open house and I ate a LOT! More than usual. *shame*



*pats bloating tummy*

Showing some GREEN Love.  

I used to play with this plant when I was little and its seem like it's almost extinct at my place. -..- Its also can be used for medicinal purposes (traditional). 

Some random green's plant. 

On the same day that we're supposed to go back home (01 Sept), we celebrated my Dad's birthday. Happy 45th years old, DAD! :D 


Oh. I've found a new hobby which is wasting my money. YEAH. *pats self* *slap face* OK OK. Kidding. I think I'm embracing my inner VIRGO side lately. I love to cook, clean and things related to 'real' lady stuff. =.= And please meet up with my new babies. 


Because I bought these baby without thinking, now I have to properly find a perfect place to put them. *sigh* According to the seller, these baby are very sensitive. Man, you cannot exposed it too much to the sun. >.< Wish me luck since I really DON'T have green thumbs. I'm freaking serious. wtf. 

Woa. Long post aye? Sorry. :D 

 Thanks For Reading.


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