I want ME time

I don't know what happen but I keep thinking about being 'single' lately. I wonder how its feel, the less - burden, the less crying at night/morning etc and many more. And of course, the less hassle of taking a good cares of someone heart and feeling.

Or, maybe I'm just getting bored with my love relationship. I mean, not seeing each other, the BF being busy with his stuff and his friends, less sms-ing, less skyp'ing and more less and less through the day. Where's the SPARK between us? Is it GONE? I'm getting tired of trying to build again the intimacies and fun that we once owned. Its seriously hurt when the person you care so much don't even bother to notice that small things you do. Argh. WHY? WHY? WHY? Why can't you be consistent? Being sweet and appreciate me! I seriously wanna give up our relationship. I'm DONE trying to pretend like I'm OKAY with these current situation. NO! I am NOT. I WANT.....


Got you guys! hor hor hor. No, I don't want to break up with him. But my brain are seriously fucked up right now. My cheeks are still swelling and my neck is hurt. :\ This week is so so so fucked up! Its not even Friday yet. Gosh. 

Ah. The BF has been pretty busy since last week and he abandoned me! AGH. No. Not really. He didn't. In fact, he has been very sweet to me when I am sick. Asking me to take a good rest and worried about my sickness. Yea, that's my boy. Even though he never said it out loud, he do cares about me. Dear, if you're reading this, ehee..SORRY for the dup dap dup dap. I just need to hear that you really love me sometimes. You know, saying it out is different than you typed it on CHAT/SMS. Its different! -__-|| Because sometime, your girl (ME) love to think something out - of - the box. Whenever you're really busy, your girl love to think that you're trying to ignore her and you don't love her or worst, you got someone else there. *Yes, I'm talking about myself* Gurrr. Nonetheless, I still love you, BF. Ehee.

And of course, the girl who still suffering from the wisdom's tooth pains and eczema. OH yea~ I am awesome! :D
Me with my dimple. :D

OH. What is this? (Place: In the LAB)

Trying to do the duck face with swollen cheek. OH yea.

Imbalance cheek size. har har har. I seriously look so effing weird this week. O_o

To be HONEST, this whole post was up because I NEED RETAILS THERAPY! Oh come on! Its has been a while since I have any. I need new stuffs. New new new. *itchy hands*

OK. BaiBai.

[Update] A 00:44 AM message from the BF saying he had read my blog post and telling me how so sorry he is and he said he love me and miss me. Ho Ho Ho. Sorry BF, this is suppose to be a JOKES. :3 You know that I love you. EHeee. Thanks for the message though. :D
Thanks For Reading this nonsense.


  1. boy was i scared.. -- lucky it was just a joke LOL!
    i looooooooooooooveeeed me some retail therapy too! :D

  2. @Amarantha HAHAHA..you must be so scared rite? kekeke. Don't worry lah. Me and him are still in love. :P

  3. @Fern Li LOL. GOT YA Fern!! :D

    Lets get some retails therapy this weekend! Ah. I've been wanting a retails therapy for quite some time now. XD

  4. nice post. hehe :) ko pun sakit gg ka ni fay? mcm kes sa jg. bru siap surgery td n da pain.. gosh~~ huhu

  5. I was terkezut!!! hahahhaha out of the blue baaa... ngahahahahhaha xD

  6. @Avay~ Iyaa...sakit gigi ni..huhu

    @Nuna~ hahahahahahahaahhaahahahaha...xD


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