This content is not suitable for age under 16. =.= I mean it.

Situation No. 1

Ah. Kenapa kah ada Sabah Malaysia girls porn itu? -..- OMG. I'm not a porn star lah! Fishes porns? -..- Doii. Poor Google search. HA HA HA. P.s NOPE. There's NO PORN in here. Try checking Redtube or Youjizz btw. Eh. How did I know that? (awkward). Fullstops.

Situation No. 2

Place of Crime: Food court @Secret place
Time of Crime: Lunch hour
Partner of Crimes: A and B (Name has to be changed due to privacy)

Report on Crime:

"Wow. She got big breast." A said to me and B. We both looks at the poor victim. Amazed with the views. *Insert dayumm voice* OK.
"I would loved to have one like that too" Me said. A nodded.
This group of Me, A and B keep staring at the poor victim's boobs. Well, its obviously BIG and she's wearing a low V's neck shirt. Yeah. 

During nom nom time. B said again, "Wow, that girl has a big boobs too." pointing at the girl behind our table (Different one this time). I said "Where? Where?" and titled my head to see her. Too bad, she's blocked by her friend. Demn. B suggested that I drop something on the floor and skip a second to glance at the poor girl boobs. OK. I don't cause its too awkward as the shop manager is listening and looking at our table. Our humor might had been heard by him, aye? BUT BUT, when we're leaving the food court, me and A skip a glance to looked at her. OH Yeah, dayum man! So gorgeous and BIG like this (  ) (  ). Ok. I exaggerated, I only saw a cleavage. 

Moral of the stories:
If you're wearing a V neck line shirt/dress, make sure you're be careful from titling/bow down because you gave not only the nice views for the men but women like us too. Yeah, its a free show. OK. But, if you still love to wear that kind of showed off cleavage dress, well..Thanks you very much! You made me jealous of your asset. Grr. Girls love to cuci mata too! Ehe.

OK. BaiBai.
Btw, I'm not a pervert. Thanks For Reading.


  1. yes! girl pun cuci mata..apa lg lelaki kan..haha...

  2. hahahahahah~ i never hear of youjizz .______."
    but i know so so many other sites coz of my perverted friends == LOL

  3. hahaha.. so true! fyi, i LOVE cuci mata by looking at girl's boobs.. is not that I'm a lesbian, but is because dorang yang mau kan..

  4. I hate public showing cleavage..but guys enjoy it (I guess I'm jealous hahaha...)

  5. @Fern Li LOL. I know so many website because of my friends too..>.< Youjizz is the new one I think..haha..try and google it! :P

  6. @✿ Mitchell ✿ HAHAHA..Iya, itu betul darl! Sepa suru dorg kasi tayang2 kan...kiki

  7. Oh..I don't like it either, simply because they made me jealous with their asset..huhuhu...^//^

  8. I cuci mata on men, is that ok? *non-innocent smirk*

    "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you won't compare 'em... with mountains..."

  9. @Amarantha HAHA..I love doing both..ya know me sis...I can be so crazy sometimes...:3

    Yeah, that why I said, those mountain made me jealous...but, rather has tiny mountain than nothing, aye? hehee


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