Current obsessions #1

Hi everyone! *waves and cough*

For a daytime/week days look. :)

For a night out/date/weekends look.

I'm currently having a bad skin month. Lots of rashes/dry spots appeared on my face and my body. Yah, ya' know..I have a very sensitive skin. However, when I was searching for a new simple make up which don't requires lots lots lots of products but still gorgeous, I found this channel. I envied Korean's women skin! Ugh. *scratching* My glasses are useless and I think I need to buy a new frame because the old one keeps scratching on my rashes and its HURT! :'( Now, I have to wear lens 12 hours/on weekdays. *sigh*  

As usual, I am very busy with internship. Trying to finish up everything in a smooth way, but in these few days, I realized that I have no social life at all. =///= Gosh! #Thisislifeman!

I will keep updating this blog with a short post like this for a while. Sometimes, a picture (or videos/movies) told a thousand words. Ciao!

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Ho Ho Ho.. :-p.. si Aki tia dapat tingu tu gambar.. tapi,takkan sampai skrg ko blum jumpa mana produk sesuai ma ko?? hehe.. susah juga kalau sensitif kan??

  2. @Aki bha itu Aki, odoii~ ada sa jumpa jga..tpi...$$$$$$$$$$$..tggu kaya la dlu..huhu..miamng susah hidup bgini~ huhu


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