[10DUC] 4 Books

The 4th day challenge is my 4 favorite books. Here we go:

1. Harry Potter Series

This is the reason why I love to write in English. I must say from Harry Potter's series, I learn writing style, vocabulary and so much more plus a passion to write.

2. Hannah Howell Novels

 I'm a sucker for romance novels. Seriously. Hannah Howell novels are all awesome. When I was 17, I started to picked this kind of books in the library (Yeah, despite those controversial cover) the plot and romances is exactly what I want. This contribute to my *ahem* lovey - dovey side. >.<

3. Judith McNaught Novels

Other than Hannah Howell, I also picked Judith McNaught for a little bit romantic - modern novels as the author really love to twists the plot and I find that I always cries whenever I read her novel (same as Hannah Howell). Gosh. I am so dewy-screw-romantic person in heart. =..=
4. Sookie Stackhouse Series [True Blood]

 The only reason why I love Vampire. My first ever vampire books that I read about when I was 14/15. Yeah, I borrowed it from my Luna sister and got hooked up with vampire after that and I even called myself Miss Vampy. >.<" And Of course TRUE BLOOD is my favorite TV series too. hehe.

[Update] My grandma's dog recently gave birth to 4 beautiful puppy 1 and half month ago and my sister and I have been taking a good care of them especially when the youngest one (Kopi) got infected with some kind of disease/almost dead and now still in recovering state. Today, we decided to named the puppies; Nescafe, Kopi, Tayar and Teh. LOL. Apparently the mother's name is Milo. Nescafe, Kopi and Teh is a drinks name btw and meanwhile 'Tayar' is in Malay for Tire. GAHAHAHA. My dad said the name suit her [Tayar] because she loves to sleep close to our car's tire. :D  Love the puppies! :D

That's all for today! BaiBai! 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Hmmm... I don't think my darling Belle is gonna return the Death Until Dark to me anytime soon.. Lol xD I remember you BOTH were crazy for it (I think I'm responsible for injecting the vampire fascination to both of you... :/). But Phay! I wanna give you Interview with a Vampire! Time for you to meet Anne Rice's vampires!

  2. ho ho ho.. lama sudah nda baca novel.. mo pinjam sepa2 la ni.. ^_^.v.. Btw,bagi saya si Tayar.. :-p


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