[10DUC] 3 Films

Woa. Its a 3rd day post already. *pats self*

3 Films

OK. Here's the thing, I'm not quite sure what kind of films actually because I always watch drama's series and for the movies, I don't think I can manage to write it up here. LOL. Too many actually. So, I decided to post about 3 films (series) that I really LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch when I was young.

1. The Cave of the Golden roses - Fantaghiro
 Epic film. And I still love it until now and I've never get tired watching it.

2. My Fair Princess (ORIGINAL)
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Original My Fair Princess and I used to watch this when I was in standard 5 or 6 and I really want a guy like Er Kang. OMG. It's sure brings out lots of good memories. 

3. Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version)

I'm sure most of you know this one, I know its not that long long time ago because if I'm not mistaken Taiwan F4 is the first one that filmed this Boys over Flower based on Manga. Correct me if I'm wrong OK. :D However, I used to read this comic from KREKO when I was 13-16 and I really love the Japanese version more...Because I think they portrayed the F4 character with more style and ya' know..arrogance, emotional etc etc.

OH well, I guess that's all. See you tomorrow for the 4th day challenge! :D

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  1. Saya suka tu fanthagiroooo..sukaaa mau tengok lagiii.c tarabas ensem walaupun dia jahat..hot!!!

  2. @Yvonne Iman Felicianus Betul2! :D Hensem kan dia...hehehehe...syang jak jahat...sama sy suka tu swan hitam tu, yg penjahat jga...hahahhaa...siokkk bha ni crita...epic. :D

  3. I love to watch the same series! =D except for the third one.. saya blum pernah tengok.. haha.. but the first and second.. best! rindu zaman budak2..

  4. Fantaghiro and Romualdo--> first beloved romance recognized on TV as a child

    My Fair Princess--> One of the best Chinese series ever!

    Ahhh... I miss the 90's... (except Hana Yori Dango--> still traumatized)


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