[10DUC] 2 Songs

HI HI HI..!! The 2nd day challenge is 2 Songs! :D #whyisthissoeasy

Here's my two favorites song [current] and both has its own meaning to me, personally. 

I've finally found the title and the singers for this song. Its has been haunting me for the past few weeks because I fall in love with it without knowing the artist or even the title of the song. Bleh. The only things that I can remembered is the chorus part where they sing "One touch One Kiss and I never felt a love like this....ain't nothing gonna tear us apart". After countless time re-typing and searching in YouTube and today I finally found it! :3 No wonder its really hard to be found, I thought the singer is an international artist but actually the girl, Nadhira is Malaysian and the guy Ron E Jones is Australian. Correct me if I'm wrong OK. ^^ What I really love about this song is the 'lyrics'...exactly how OUR love story is. #OhmyImsoshy! :3 #babythisisforyou #Iloveyou

I AM THE BEST. A song that make my arrogance side more obvious. Whenever I feels I need some kind of boost in confidence, I put this song on a PLAY and walks/sing/do an expression of 'I am the best'. Its does wonderful thing to me. Try to listen to this song when you're walking with your heel, the feeling is so awesome that I really want to shout and dance and says that "I am the best". ^_^ #Iamthebest A very good song to appreciate yourself and boost your confidence.

P.s To those who decided to do this challenge, don't forget to leave your link ya. Lets get to know each other better. :D

#2 years of Anni* coming soon. Hmm. Wonder what should I do this time? 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. The first song is sweet~ ^^

    Ahhh i used to love 2ne1, not much of a fan of kpop music anymore though >< the beat is pretty cool though xD

  2. nah


  3. @Fern LiYeah...some K-Pop song are repeatable today..Hmm..I guess because most of them are using the same image, ya' know..the 'cutie', the 'sexy' and the 'angels' and the 'devils'...gosh, they're getting predictable by day..Not that I'm complaining but I agreed with you dear, by day there is less K-pop group that attract me but Big Bang and 2NE1 is an exception..hehe..xD

  4. @Yvonne Iman Felicianus Hehehe..Thanks for the link darl..suda visit and LIKE..ngehehhe...bha, jgan lupa update 2nd, 3rd and next...hoho..nanti sy pigi lawat2..


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