[10DUC] 1 picture of yourself

First challenge for the 10 Days 'YOU' Challenge [10DUC] is 1 picture of yourself. *easy peasy*


Current face and hair. :x Sorry for the untidy bang. Its really hard to keep a straight bang like that. :D

Thanks For Reading. 


  1. hmmm... I don't remember you have that bang... hihihihihi

  2. @Amarantha Just a few days ago la darl..I asked Doreen to cut it for me...hahaha..my hubby said my hair doesn't have a style at all...>.<

  3. ohhh ur hubby very bad aa say like that hahahah xD dun tell him I said that!

  4. @Amarantha He's baddddddd....hahaha...I never know when he start to care about my hair style coz usually he never careeee...muahahha


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