10 days 'YOU' Challenge

I might suck at my 30 days challenge. OK. Not might, but it is TRUE. Big times, but I would love to try this 10 Days 'YOU' Challenge. 

Because of my crazy schedule for internship and weekend filled with lots of activities, I am officially having a writer's block. *head bang* Thus, when I found this challenge, I am extremely happy. *YAY* So, I will start tomorrow OK. Since I have to dig 10 extreme secrets of myself. *shivers* OK. That's wayyyy too personal. 

P.s Doing this alone is pretty boring. How about do it together? Lets do it! Anyone who's having writer's block right now are invited to do this challenge. ^^ Lets me know down below(comments box) if you would like to do this challenge so I can keep updated with your post. 


  1. omg2..im so bored..sy pun mau ikut2 ni la juga aa :D :D

  2. macam mana ni..hmm day 1 picture ka apa day 1 satu picture and day 2 song?how? oMk im so naive!

  3. @xxoo.Enrecca ✿ JOIN..JOIN..Jgan lupa bagi link aa klau suda start..Eheee...xD


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