[Review] RIMMEL 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish

I have tons of nail polishes at home and I changed my nail's color like I changed my clothes. Seriously. RIMMEL 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish claims for quick, dry nail polish in just 60 seconds in 1 second application. Wow. How awesome is that?

RIMMEL 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish offer a Xpress TM Brush for 1 second application, its dries in less than 60 seconds and a picture perfect nail colour in a flash.

My 2 Sen:
-The XpressTM brush is awesome because I can just apply less than my usual nail polishes.
-Its DOES dry faster than any nail polish that I've used before.
-The colour is vibrant, strong and has summer touch on it. Its really show up better than any nail polishes. I mean, with this product, you'll only need 1 coat! 1 coat is enough for the vibrant colour.
-I hope that this product will come with larger colour range as I'm not really a fan of loud color like red-coral or blue. -.- And I will definitely buy it if its come with a pretty colour range.

Rate: 4/5

Price: Affordable (RM 11.90)

Currently my best nail polish ever. :D

Product provided by YUBERACTIVE.


  1. i thought these types of nail polishes were sold for a very long time already..but ive only recently seen tv ads for this ._________. hahaha~
    but its good that it dries so quickly as it claims! :D i'm not much of a fan of quick drying nail polishes as the product starts to dry out and becomes clumpy after many uses. x_X

  2. @Fern Li It does exist! *again, I think* hehe..Yup, you've to applied it very very fast..>.< which is quite hard..


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