My love for K-POP

Hi everyone! Its been a while since my last (last month) post. How's everyone been doing? I hope healthy and stay beautiful and looking HOT! I'm so sorry that I took quiet some times of hiatus because of crazy schedule and also lacks of inspirations to blog. *sigh* 

And YES, I'm in my third weeks of internship and everything has been good. The people are very nice, sweet and helpful to me. Eventhough traveling from home to the office are pain in the a** but I thinks I'm doing well. The journey to work (internship place) took almost 2 hours everyday. Everyday I have to make sure that my MP3 is fully charged and while waiting/in the bus, I will blast off the volume. ^///^ And most of the time, I don't heard if people are calling my name/talking to me.

Current songs that repeatedly played in my MP3 are mostly K-POP. YES. I am a big fan of Korean Pop! :)

2NE1 - I am the best 

2NE1 - Ugly
#I love 2NE1 to pieces and I am a proud Blackjack! :) 2NE1 Nolza! There's something very unique and strong about this girl group that differentiate them with the others. Apart from their electro - pop beats music, four of them are sweet, beautiful and very talented. 

SISTAR - So cool
#I'm dying to have their body! The song is catchy and at the same time, its really make your body want to move. But the 'back' dance is err...Ahem. Luckily they changed the choreo when they performed it live.

After school [RED] - In the night sky

#I prefer this RED subunit rather than the BLUE one. Simply because my inner SEXY - self said so. LOL

Oh well, is there anyone else have K-POP fever like me? -_- If so, what group/band/songs you like? Please answer down below ya. ^_^

#Happy Birthday Mom! :D
Thanks For Reading.


  1. I'm not so into this k-pop music actually.. TAPI sekali try to listen, huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! tu body pewwww~ punya envy nya me after seeing their body! I wanna have body like that.. tpi enda dpt kalah lah nafsu sya mo ada body mcm c Megan Fox xD

  2. I like kpop too :) My favorites are Super Junior, SHINee, B2ST, and 2NE1 :)


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