Trust is like a glass, once you break it and no matter how hard you tried to fixed it, you still can clearly see the cracks. 

 Same as glass, a heart does the same way too. Though they are sometimes forgivable but they are not forgettable. 

Recently I came across with this kind of situation where my trust at its stake. I've always tell myself not to trust someone fully, no matter if she/he is someone that I cannot live without. Because I am so afraid to be hurt. But still my heart risks it all. If that person love you so much, they won't hurt you, right? No, no matter what happen, either it is a small matter or a bigger one, THEY are still the one who hurts you the most. 

Disbelieve for what I've seen with my own eyes and forced myself not to believe it but still it is the TRUTH. I fell down. I cried so hard like I've never been before. Then I feels numb. I know the pains has overpowered me and I am so empty that for a second, I thought it's the END. 

I am not making fools of myself because of love but for what have I done for you for all these times. I know everyone deserved a second chances and that's why I hope for a better future for US. I had enough yelling and being angry for what had happened because I know you are hurt too. When I am hurt, I know you feels it too. Its enough for me to know that you've regret the past. LOVE, lets bygone be bygone. I might not trust you like I do before but this TRUST is enough for me not to leave you.

If you're in relationship but you're not committed to it, it's better to end it. And girls and guys out there, if that person of your interest are in relationship, YOU BETTER STAY AWAY from them. You're not only destroying one love but breaks many hearts. And think, would you want it happen to yourself? NO, isn't. So, stay away.

I can forgive easily but to forget, impossible. Appreciate your love one. 


  1. Trust is always a tricky thing, especially when you're in a relationship. It seems like it's impossible to be closer to someone without having to risk getting hurt.

    Cheer up Fay. <3

  2. Quoting Avril Lavigne here - "Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong" What you said was all true, but having a negative outlook will only make things worse, so don't get discouraged and stay positive!

  3. adei..wat happen suda nih babe.....

  4. Sweets, I can't help but think you're unhappy about something *hugs* Feel better soon, 'mkay?

    Trusting someone sometimes is difficult. Trust comes with time, and is heavily influenced by past experiences, I've noticed. At times like these, when you're feeling a bit unsure, it's always ALWAYS best to talk about it, maybe with friends, but definitely with the boyfriend. If you fret over it all by yourself, you'll only make yourself unhappy.

  5. I agree with you~
    I cannot trust my boyfriend fully after the countless stupid lies he has told me. Zzz =="
    He promises that he tells the truth now but i still 50% not trust him ><" i wish i could though~

    Omg..i hate how people try to flirt with ones in a relationship! its so stupid and it gets me so angry because some people are trying to flirt with my bf zzz i wanna punch them in the face ==

  6. @Shen
    I love that quote dear!! Thanks you for your supports!!

  7. @Bibi
    Aww hun!! I miss you!! ^^ I'm okay~ I had some fights with the BF earlier on about trust and stuffs but we're happy now.

    Agreed with you. Trust is really a tricky things. :\

  8. @Fern Li Oh well, I have to try really hard to trust him back. muahaha. Eventhough after countless time he said he was sorry and I keep picking on him.

    I guess when you love them so much, I really want to strangle the girls who disturb other people relationship!! Arhh. Now Fay is mad. >.<"


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