[Review] Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream (Organic Aid)

Hi. Product provided by YUBERACTIVE for review purposes. If you're Malaysian, I suggest you guys to sign up for Yuberactive. They are awesome! :D This is my first time doing a review on products. So, I will keep it simple and honest.


SO, above are the actual photo of the product that sent to me. Vitamin E moisturizing Cream claims to be a non - sticky, non - greasy, contain natural vitamin E, non comedogenic and hypo - allergenic. 


•Enhances the skin elasticity which tones and smoothes out fine wrinkle.
•Soothes and refreshes dry, irritated skin.
•Protects skin against sun and wind.
•Moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.
•Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.
•Helps retain and enhance skin moisture balance.

Price: RM 14.90

Availability: Local pharmacy, Guardian and Watson.

My says:

This cream is GOOD! I mean amazingly good for me. I had experienced another allergic attack recently where rashes appeared on all over my face and my skin feels so tight, dull and so  so so dry.
*Sorry for the blurry picture. -__- *
Since this product is something that you cannot get an immediate result, so I have been testing this cream for 2 weeks now and I really like it. As you can see from the picture above, this cream is a little bit heavier than my normal moisturizer which is Nano White cream but you see, when you slowly blend it using your finger and then put it on your face, its actually working! *duh. Of course it does* OK OK. The point is:

- It does help moisturizing my face and help me to get rid those evil dry skin! (1 star)
- It is quickly absorbed (1 star)
- For some reason, my skin become less dull and its look awesome (2 star)
- I don't have allergic reaction to it (0.5 star)
- Less oily than my previous moisturizer and it's long lasting for the day (0.5 star)

However, I really dislike the packaging! Ugh. Why do people invented this kind of bottle anyway. -__-" I really don't like to put my finger inside and then put those on my face. All I can think about is those freaking bacteria and fungi that trying really hard to breed inside. Its really unhygienic. I do hope they will improve the packaging. ( less 1 star)

Rating : 4/5

Repurchase: Definitely. Oh, by the way, the price also really affordable! :D

Disclaimer: Product provided by Yuberactive but it doesn't affecting my thoughts and experience in any way. 

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Tried this before....not that impressive.

  2. @SimplySeoul Really? I read others reviews too, some does have a good effects and some doesn't. Well, I might work for me but not all. :)

  3. i kept seeing this in watson and guardian, always wanted to try it out!

  4. hi fay... sorry didn't catch-up your updated blog in frequent:(( ... hihihi if that product can help me with my ugly scars then i'm gonna try...

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