On 20.07.11

On 20.07.11, I had my VIVA Presentation that marked as my final days of school stuffs, other than Internship. And I am officially HOME! Arrived at LCCT KK at 1.30 PM which is late than the expected times. Duh. Air Asia always delays their flight. Or maybe because I was on the flight. -_- OK. Now I don't know what's my point actually. However, here are pictures taken from my VIVA's day. :D

Bsc (HONS) Biotechnology Y3S2. Of course with our Mr. Dean. ^^ I'm going to miss you guys so badly!! 

The girls group with Mr Ong (Mr. Dean)

Outfit of the day. My BF mom gave this to me for my internship with lots of other good stuffs. Thanks you mamy! :3 For those who doesn't know, this is a traditional Kedah Baju kurung which has been modernized a bit. I heart this dress to pieces.
With my BFF. She looks so stunning with colorful Baju kurung. ^^

Dear classmates, I wish all of you all the best of luck for our 3 months of internship. Hopefully to see everyone of you during our graduation day! ^^ And Happy wedding day to my friend, Jereme. I wish both of the bride and groom are happy always! :D

Dear my readers, Thanks you very much for following my blog and also reading/visiting/commenting on my blog post. I promise I'll be back to regular update after this. Endless Thanks you to everyone.

Thanks For Reading.


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