The girls who make me smile

 SHOUT-OUT to everyone! *YO* Today's my last paper! :D

*waves* HI. Sorry for the lack of update. Hectic week my dear. Final exam and VIVA corner. So, today I'm going to start my countdown of "3 years of memories" post. 

I meet this beautiful girl 2 and half years ago. She is my ex - roommate. She is very unique in her own ways, even her name is unique! To be honest, I'm not really good with being a good (a very good one) friends to someone that I know for short period of time. Even my BFF know me for half of my life. :P 

Though we are from different places, but still we're really close. I think because we have the same personality and stuffs. Since she's only studying here for foundation, which is only 1 year, I do feels like I really know her, even for the short period of time. Like, seriously! (This things doesn't happen, always for ME lah). We've become like sister, the inseparable twins. HAHA. We shared stuffs. We both cries and laughed in happiness. And of course, she made me smile!

Those days when I know how to smile big like this. >.<

My dear Zurich, if you're reading this right now. I want to tell you that I miss you so much! And of course, I love you. Ehe. May God bless your study over there! I'm done here. :P 

Next's up is MY HOUSEMATE. Thanks For Reading.


  1. aww what a sweet post and you two look so cute in those photos! and congrats for finishing your school stuff!

  2. awww you guys are so cute

    visit me if you have time (:

  3. awww nice post! ^^ so sweet~
    yay your last paper! :) i hope your results are great!

  4. uhuukkk! You make me miss my girls suddenly T.T

  5. u should always have fun with the people u love!

  6. You look sooooo pretty with your hair down! I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!


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