Sweet or Sexy?

Hi Lovelies. 

Random Facts for the week
I hate that when a friends doesn't want to talk to me or looks at me with annoyed face.
What have I done to deserve such insult and actions? They do hate me that much huh? Day by day, I think I really never have been welcome in the house. 

I thought of playing with my new lip sticks today. Yup. I intend to show the same eyes make up but with different lips color. ^_^
Play it sweet! (Stealing the new Playboy's fragrance motto! ;p)

If you have strong (stand out) eyes make up, you can soften the look with nude lip color. YES. I learn this tips from YouTube! I am fully recommended it for Make up newbie, that you guys should check out all the beauty guru out there in YT. ^_^

IN2IT (Moisture Release Lipstick) in BARE.

Lip-stains are intended. :') 
Remember my last post about this lipstick (IN2IT Ultimo) 
YES. I have natural double chin. ^^

The photo look very vintage-ish due to the Photoscape's Filter. 
Love the effect though. 

Play it Sexy! HAHA. 

P.s There are few people actually asking me a tutorial on how I apply my make up, will it be OK if I post it up? >.< To be honest, I am still amateur on make up stuff. Please leave a comment below if you think I shouldn't or should. Thanks!  

Thanks For Reading.


  1. Ekkk!

    In all honestly, I don't really dig make up tutorials! Please don't be like one of them. There's plenty of them in Blogger already! I love your entries the way they are! Shoot... Even someone STEALS your work just cus it's AWESOMELY AWESOME!

    And the lipstick is sweet and cute! ^_^ Just like you!


  2. Lol xD Make-ups :3 I read somewhere that posting a tutorial (ANY kinds of tutorial) will be a great boost to your website. So it's cool to make one. 'Cause everybody likes tutorials. But it's up to you love. You're improving on your skill day by day. I'm still on ground zero when it comes to make-ups >o<

  3. Aww, the lipstick is a really pretty color, and you rock it oh so well :) Thanks for sharing, hun!


  4. @abby | ybba Aww..Thanks you so much for the sweet compliment hun! *hugs*

    I do agree with you though. haha. Sometimes, I don't even dig make up tutorial in blogger. xD

    I don't want to be just 'another' blogger who're doing make up tutorial~ well, I guess I just be "ME" then..:)

  5. @Amarantha Oh my dearest (lol, suddenly in drama mode-ish), I don't think I will be doing those tutorial though. HAHA. Apart from sharing, which I don't mind.

    Plus, I will stick to my blog motto: RANTS or MORE RANTS and ME! haha~!

    Nayy~ I didn't improved a lots on make up, for others, I am still zero too! *hugs*

  6. @Huda Kaake Hi sweetie~ Thanks you for your compliment! *shy*

  7. I think you should leave tutorials (: It doesn't hurt to (: Plus, I like the way your make-up looks (: I honestly have NO clue about make-up, so I think that you labeling yourself as a "newbie" makes it more comfortable for me to know that, "Ahh, I don't have to be pro to know how to put this stuff on." You know what I mean?

  8. @xxkatielee No worries dear! I am still blogging about my usual rants/opinion~ :D Unless I found awesome products to be reviewed and stuff! :D

    *YAY For newbies! :)*

  9. I love nude lipsticks! I think I'll buy one soon. Nice Post :)


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