Random update #1

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all daddy/father/papa/dad in the whole world!

I have been pretty busy with Thesis Final draft (Due on 01st July), assignments, presentation and reports. Apart from that, I have been spending quality time with the BF since he will go back to his hometown on 23rd June and Yeah, he will go back to school - which mean that we won't see each other again until the holiday (probably the end of year *sigh*) Health problem rise up again due to the poor/bad weather. =.=" 

The BF and I recently have fallen into online shopping wagon. *face palm* This is not good. HAHA. Because I ended up buying more than I should. 

Though I'm far away from my dad, I text him to wish "Happy Father's Day". *I'm such a good daughter, aren't I? *pats self*

First items that we bought at Lelong.com (Malaysia). I must says that I'm bit dissapointed that BF watch didn't work properly (I guess the seller sent me a watch with low battery) and my Chanel watch~ I'd say, OK lah for cheap prices. :)

 Best buy! ^^

CK Miniature perfume (Very good for traveling as its comes in small size that is so cute! :3 ) and Yeah, DKNY Blossom miniature perfume~

LAST but not least,

Believe - Britney Spear

I love all Britney's fragrance actually (apart from my Donna Karan NY perfume). So far, I have own Circus, Women and Midnight Fantasy. I love Midnight Fantasy and Circus and thinking about repurchasing it again. >.<" Yeah. I am a sucker perfume addict!

Sorry guys for not updating regularly! There are too many drafts post actually and I haven't found time (or sometimes laziness overpowering me. Ekee~) to edit it~ Ugh. Crazy packed week I have here. However, expect a reviews and lots of upcoming food posts OK! Have a nice week guys!!

Thanks For Reading. 


  1. Hahaha, I've yet to discover online shopping. Still not 100% comfortable with throwing my personal information online.
    Yummy cake! *drools*

  2. The bad weather really sucks. I always have a terrible time with it also):

    Wah.. you are really a good daughter. Your dad must be so happy to receive your greetings(:

    Love shopping! Aahh.. you bought so many fragrance. Love DKNY!!

    Dreamy Princess

  3. Yum~ the cake looks so gooooooooood!!

    I love online shopping hahaha >< i really like opening the parcels and getting more mail all the time...no idea why, but i feel happy whenever i get anything posted to me..even if its like..a small bank statement! LOL

    Ohh i love Britney Spears perfumes <3

  4. aww what a great haul!! <3 and the cake looks yum!!

  5. @Bibi Once you're comfortable putting your info online and able to online shopping~ beware, you might turned bankrupt like me!! >.<" Jokes~ ehee...

  6. @Dreamy Princess I hate the weather! I have rashes all over my faces and body...and its hurts~ T.T

    P.s. Shopping is FUN! :D


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