Hello Mr. June

Hi Lovelies Readers!

 I am very sorry for my absence! *cries*

I have been enjoying my weeks with less hectic schedule, pigging out and too much of retails therapy. OMG. Since I already finished like 80 - 90% of my Thesis stuff, it is now a time for me to focus on finishing it 100% COMPLETE. Yesterday is my last TEST for Cancer Biology's subject and there will be two more tests before Final. Ahem. However, there are too many assignments (+s) that I haven't done yet! Kudos to my so - called determination and I end up watching movies and eating ice creams and more more. Thus, assignments = I am DEAD! (Not done yet)

As a result of my non - stop binged/pigging on junk foods and carb, I end up gaining more weight. YAY! More flabby arms!! Do you like my double chin? lul.

Jokes! I'm actually want to show my new favorite, a new lip color, IN2IT (Sheer Shine Lipstick) in SS 04 Ultimo. Wee~ I am thinking about doing some reviews on my recent buy (which is all make up products. =.=||) but I don't know~ HAHA. 

Sorry for not blogging for a week now. =.=" Again~ 
I am counting now (officially) the date when my final year finally over~ 1 month and 3 weeks!! Yipee~
Thanks For Reading.


  1. cutie pie ! love it and your glasses are chic

    check out my newest silly post !


  2. Your lip color is pretty, it's really bright pink: my favorite (:
    But yeah, ahha, I get you. With it being the end of the year, I've been SLACKING d:
    But instead of ice cream, it's me and Nutella <3

  3. maww its okay!! school first! and congrats on your theses!! I loved the retail therapy part, I've been needing one myself! plus you look suuper cute!! =">

  4. @Florence YAY! My glasses are my savior! ;p Thanks hun!

  5. @xxkatielee I know right~ pfft..Its in the middle of the year already~ OMG! :D Nom nom~ too bad that I don't like nutella, but Ice cream do wonder for me though. xD

  6. @Saving Capulet Oh dear,I have been shopping till I almost want to faint! *jokes* Poor my unhappy wallet~ T.T Happy shopping sweetie! :D

  7. 1 MONTH 3 WEEKS???!!!!!

    Hurry Phay! Hurry and come home! I'm so lonely... and miserable... Dx I miss my friends! *cries*

  8. @Amarantha YAY! Don't worry babe! I'm coming home soon! *hugs* Be patient ok.


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