Fish and Chips

The last day before the BF went back to his hometown~ *grumpy and sad ME*

Before I decided to visited him (since I won't be able to accompany him to the Airport early in the morning~ >.< I have test! :( ), me and my friends decided to take a lunch at Manhattan Fish Market @Ikano. 

Please ignore my nose. The lighting make it looks horrible. :P Bleh.

If you bring your student card, you'll get 50% discounts on dessert. Mine is The mud pie.

 I forgot what this one are. >.<"

YES. It's Tiramisu. :D

Brownies and Ice cream. :D

How the Mud pie looks like inside. Yummy isn't? Yes, the pink one is ice cream.

My Fish and Chip. Hm. I don't really like deep - fried food actually and this one no exception either. After a while, I feel like having a nausea because I think they didn't drain the oils properly. Demn, I can still feel the oils (plus fats) in my mouth. Ekk. 

 Dear Friends, we might not be able to spend time like this anymore. Will miss you guys so much. sob sob.

OK. Here's a silly Question for you guys! :D Guess why are Sardines is the silliest fish in the sea?

(NO. Don't google for the answers.)

(What is your answer?)

(Here it is~)

The reason why Sardines is the silliest fish:~

Did you guess it right?
Just to cheer everyone up!
Have a nice weekend! LOVE.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. did you guys just eat all of that?! YUMMY!!!!!

    -robots in trouble

  2. The food looks absolutely delicious!! Definitely need to visit this place when I'm in NY :)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  3. @Robots in Trouble Gahhh! NO!! :D The mud pie and the fish and chips are mine, others desserts and spaghetti are belong to my friends.. xD

  4. @Robots in Trouble Gahhh! NO!! :D The mud pie and the fish and chips are mine, others desserts and spaghetti are belong to my friends.. xD

  5. I've never had fish and chips. Want to wait trying it until I visit England someday. I want to eat the real stuff! ^^ It still looks delicious though, and don't worry about it being greasy and all, that's how it's supposed to be :P And we need something greasy once in a while, because it tastes so goooood.

  6. you sure made me hungry xD
    gonna eat my cookies soon x3 hehe.

    and love your blog ;D
    new followerr :3


  7. oh the food looks great!!! thus post made me hungry and I'm on a diet :((((

  8. omg omg your picturs is made me hungry!!! >.<

  9. ahhhhh all the food looks so delicious! >< I normally don't like fish but I love it when it is fried! haha~ & The mud pie looks so good~

    LOLL I love jokes! I never heard that one XD

  10. OMG look at all of that delicious looking food! Now I'm hungry. I'm craving dessert.


  11. oh wow i love all that food! great blog :) im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

  12. Great food pics! My gosh, all those foods looks super delicious!!! Never eat at fish manhattan before. D 1B ka you guys pg..?

    Masuk list tmpat mau cari makan laini.. hehe :)

  13. so delicious looking food ! and now i'm starting to get hungry...


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