Fill one's shoes

Hi Lovelies.

Have you ever said to your sister, brother, relatives or friends like this, 
"Everything is always EASY for you, try to be in my shoes and feels what I have been through!" Yeah. I know. I have been through the same situation.

 To fill one's shoes is NOT EASY
Every shoes has a different sizes. shapes. materials.
How would someone with a size 8 to fill on a size 6. It is too small!
Same goes to someone with size 6 to fill on a size 10. It is too big!
To be respects and loved like someone specific is not easy when you know you have to works for it!

Back to the sentences above: Have it ever occurs to you that the person that you're arguing to has already been in your shoes? They might have works really hard to earn that shoes now. Plus sacrifices a lots. So, next time, before you said like that, it is wise that you think it over again. They used to be in our shoes and why not asking them to teach us what we need to do to be in their shoes instead of ranting and complaining about how special everyone's treating them. *Can you get it? -__-*

Back to playing Angry Birds! Damn, its addicting! Thanks For Reading.


  1. Agreed, some people work hard for everything they have, we can only aspire to be those people who fill big shoes :) and yep angry birds is quite addicting!

  2. Ahh, yes I understand what you mean!
    There's always someone who's feeling exactly like you are out there. And sometimes even worse !

  3. @che I'm in love with the green pig! :D

  4. @Melody Aww...Thanks you so much hun! *hugs* You're so sweet~

  5. thank you for visiting my site. You have a sweet blog here, i love your wallpaper :)


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