3 Years ago

Hi Lovelies. *wave*

BF showed me some old pictures of myself yesterday. *cough* and we talked about how much I have changed (appearance side) since then. Ahem.

3 Years ago, marked as 2009 where there is an ugly duckling wish to be a beautiful swans. Those pure, angelic swans. *cough*

BAREFACED! That's 3 years ago before I polluted my face with any kind of make up (ought to be enhancing but DUHH~) products. *I do have slightly sling eyes. -.-

Plain Jane. 
This is a skinniest version of me back on 2009. -.-"

Ahem. I don't look that bad after all right? I thought I was really ugly back then. I am more into natural/innocence side where I don't look so fake. Nonetheless, I am still ME. Just a better upgraded ONE.

How do you look like 3 years ago? I am dying to know! ^^ How much you have changed ever since?

P.s BF said I look better with long hair~ I do agree with him. 
Thanks For Reading.


  1. hahaha! i love old photos! it's so fun to see how much you've changed!


  2. It's always interesting to revisit old photos. You look good without makeup too!


  3. I still wore makeup back 3 years ago, its just more improved now :P lol!!

  4. @Fern Li I'm a noob for eyeliner back then..lol

  5. aww you look really cute!! <3 my photos way back are really ugly :))

  6. tolu toun digulu.. atukk,agahui no e Aki oi.. sakali baino,hm,ginayo2 ti tinan.. hahaha.. Nouru kinomol.. :-p

  7. Everyone is always critical about himself or herself. I think you look cute and pleasant 3 years ago. As for myself, I always think I look ugly w/o makeup. People who know me from post make up days would faint when they see my bare face but people who knew me from school and way before I experimented with make up all think I look the same. I guess when you know somebody long enough, make up or no make up, the person is still the good ol friend you know. ;)

  8. Love old photo's (but not of myself :))
    You look adorable and very pretty!



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