1 month to go

Hectic schedule has been taking tolls on me, emotionally and physically. (Basically I ate a lot! And gained weight *again*) This is 1 week before my last "Final Exam" and I officially ended my last class of Bsc (HONS) Biotechnology yesterday. As for now, all assignments, tests, presentations are DONE *phew* and what's left are my Thesis Final draft and my Final exam. Though I am really happy that this finally over, but deep down, I feel sad leaving this place, leaving the friends that I made here and leaving some freedom that I have here and might not be able to do back home. *sigh*

Good foods and company cheers me up! :')

I have too many rashes on my faces~ T.T I hate my immune system~

Johnny's for Lunch. Steamboat set for only RM 13++

Johnny's special dipping sauce! *refill twice. HAHA*

Mixed fruits for not - so sweet fan's tooth. 

I will be updating my blog randomly this time. 1 month to go before I finally went back home and have fast internet line. Hopefully everyone will take care of their health! :D Have a nice day.

Thanks For Reading.



  1. Good food and company is the saviour of every student. When you're alone, studying, it's so difficult to really relax, but when you take some time off and meet-up with friends and have amazing food (I admit I don't eat well/not enough when I'm locked up in my room) can be so so so relaxing, makes all the grumpy and depressed feelings go away. :D

    Good luck with your last month Fay! Almost there!! ^^

  2. good luck~! i eat a lot of comfort foods too when i am stressed

  3. We do LOVE FOODS right?! lol

    Thanks both of you! *hugs*

  4. Good luck with your final exam!! ^^

  5. Congrats on finishing all your assignments. Studying is probably one of them most challenging part of life.. is what we have to do.. but i'm sure you will do fine. Thank you for following my blog by the way! :) x

  6. All these foods look TOO good!!!!!! Yum! :D

  7. Hi guys, Thanks you very much for dropping a sweet comments! :D

  8. I feel hungry just looking at the food pictures!! hehe. RM13+ for steamboat? Thats super cheap! Where is this Johnny place? :)


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