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HI Lovelies. *wave*

*Grumpy face* Remember my previous post about dyeing my hair BLACK again? I just notice that there are few part of my hair that didn't absorb the color. T.T Thus, my hair have some highlights without my notice. However, AHEM. I kinda like it though. Its looks like a gradient hair color that recently very popular. What's do you think?

SEE. The upper part of my hair is jet black but for the lower part has brownish color. ^^

 I have been thinking of splurging on a new contact lens. I'm also thinking about buying the new GEO Princess MIMI lens. I read lots of good reviews about the lens. Anyone here that have bought it already? Spare me some details.

 Its have been a very UN-PRODUCTIVE days for these 3 days. OMG. I wonder what's happened to my spirits. Gee.

FAILED WINKS! HAHA. I'm sorry to spam your guy with these picture. I don't know what to write anymore. There are lots of UN-edited posts in my drafts but I seem to have NO ideas to continue and post it up. Bleh. However, I have some interesting post coming up soon! *YAY* 

A BIG THANKS TO my SABAHAN BLOGGERS that followed my blog! Yeah! Your guys rock!
I'm OFF to movie's marathon. Thanks For Reading.


  1. Fay you're so adorable! I just want to hug you!!! ^_^

    Your hair looks pretty honey! It does have a ombre feel to it... I love it!


  2. pretty girl...... i liked doll/anime b'cause they looks very pretty and cute.. i tell you're the one of them.. cutie

  3. awwwhh you look too cute for words in those photos! i am in dire need of lenses, ;A; been thinking about those Mimi ones as well!

  4. I like how your hair looks (: It kinda looks like what someone would try to do on photoshop d: But your's actually like that (w/out photoshop)so you should keep it like that c(:

  5. very pretty&&cute(:

    -Love, Maki


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