For LOVE, we fight sometimes

When you are fighting with your love one, that's mean that you are in normal love relationship. Tell me who doesn't fight with her/his GF/BF? Ahem.

HI Lovelies. I will be updating frequently start today. Holiday is over. Thus, updated blog!

Whoever is in relationship right now that never FIGHT with their BF/GF, please raised up your hand and tell me how in the hell did you guys do THAT? OH well. I don't have a fight with my BF btw (in case you thought this post is up because of that). However, I think I tend to pick a fight with him more often these days. WAIT. IS IT NORMAL? Because right now, I'm blaming the heat for everything. Most of it is my mood swings. =.=" I know. Very terrible right? When he feel offended, he said to me with hurtful voices, " Why am I to be blamed over the heat?" Poor baby boy. I AM SORRY. I won't do it again and will try to adapt with this heat for you. *hugs him*

Well, the naked truth about relationship. Though it's really hard to admits, it is very true indeed. The stage of every relationship will fall exactly like what he sad in the video. But again, it is YOU and YOUR PARTNER choices of either wanting the relationship to worked out or to bailed out. 

The Cycle of Relationship:
1. Meeting

2.The Chase




So, which STAGE are you now? Don't take your love one for granted. Keep FIGHTING FOR YOUR LOVE.  
Thanks For Reading.


  1. Comfortable / Tolerance ? I never fought with mine, but we're both kinda in a open relationship now. So that means we rarely see each other, which is just ... ugh. When we were together though he got jealous ...

  2. Daaw. Fights are just natural though >< Stay strong, girl <3

    I am in the pre-meeting stage LOL yeah... I call it waiting.

  3. @Florence~ Comfortable stage is where both of the partner are very comfortable with each other and I think they started to show their true color.For tolerance stage, I think both stop to tolerate with each other which both want what they want only without considering about his/her choices, well this one will lead to a very (very) huge fight and directly goes to downhill stage.

    xD Woa~ I rarely seen mine too and the over-jealous one is me..xD

    @Keri~ Nope, no fighting babe. hehehe. Well, good luck with the waiting stage! ^_^

  4. Meh. I was at the tolerance stage for a while..then it started to go downhill...and then finall point y. T_____T.

    Relationships are all good when it lasts but can really screw you over. So appreciate what you got and hold onto whats good. <3

    Lovely to hear u and ur bf are ok tho! :)


  5. Cute post honey!
    LOVE is such a special and powerful feeling and we should never take it for granted!


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