My blog. My writing. My efforts. Is all MINE. Unless I stated so.

HI Lovelies. 

Today, I found out one blog that have lots of 'similarities' in content with my blog posts. First of all, I am devastated. I have done many things to prevent this kind of things to happened. I have disable right- click or copy paste from my blog, especially everything that rightfully belongs to ME. Even so I copied some information from others, I've always linked it back to its rightful owner. I am not saying that no one can write exactly like I write but there is a differences in every writers (in this case, a blogger) styles of writing. It is very impossible to find a blogger with the same writing styles or even identity. And also it is very impossible for two blog to have the same sentences. AM I RIGHT? Yeah. Unless it is UN-accidentally DONE. 

Should I be pointing fingers to that responsible side? YES. How would you feels if you are in my place. All those times you have spend to post a with your own creativity and hardworks, and suddenly someone just ripped it off like that. I don't mind if it is NOT THAT OBVIOUS. But hey, you judges yourself lah. 

The one without my watermark  is from the copy cat's blog. I highlighted few (more) sentences from her blog that match with mine. 

 Here is my blog posts. Read carefully those highlighted sentences. 

Sad isn't? Yes. I am SAD. 

 SHOCK? Gee. I was thinking. What's the purpose of me disabling the right - click after all. T.T When someone can easily copied it just like that. *cries*
Check out MINE HERE.

As I said earlier, every blogger or writer have their own identity. I have MINE too. Others have theirs too. OK. You copied certain sentences from my blog. OK FINE. BUT THIS?

 THIS IS SO UNFORGETTABLE! OMG. You even ripped my New Year's resolution too! And you didn't even make an efforts of changing it into a new sentences? I am speechless. I am not a bad person, but when it came to my right, I can be very defensive, you know. Especially something that I have puts a lots of efforts on.

How much is the possibilities of these kind of things can happened? I assumed, 20% or less! Oh yes, I didn't disable picture click this time, you're free to click the image to enlarge and better views.

Dear responsible blogger, I do hope when you copied something from my blog, you have to link it back to ME, the rightful owner. Because I can report you to for assaulting my copyright. P/s: Yes. I am a pissed - off blogger who spend her leisure time writing things that I don't intent you using it and moreover claimed it as its was YOURS. (If you happened to READ THIS NOW!)

HERE is the link for the blog. Tell me, COINCIDENCES MUCH? Nah. I don't think so.

Thanks For Reading.


  1. weird!!! and freaky! lol... i think it's kinda cute though cus you have a copy cat... but that's just me.

    anyway... you should definitely go hiking! it's so fun! don't wait til you graduate! do it now! hehee.

  2. @abby|ybba ~ At one point I thought this things is very funny too. But I think the sad and dissapointed feeling overcome those things. hahhaha. xD

    P/s: Planning to go hiking on July..Wee<3 hehe

  3. haha weird... sorry for this

    visit me and check out my newest post!

  4. =S ohhh copying word for word is totally weird and i would feel super cheated =="

    but if someone copied a little bit from me, like how i structure things, then im fine ^^" some one also sort of copied from me~ but i dont mind because she uses her own words 80% of the time :)

  5. That is such a terrible thing to do!!! You worked hard on all of your blog posts and this girl just steals them from you without even asking or letting you know - I can't believe someone would be so rude! I hope she sees this post and realizes how wrong her actions are. I'm sorry this had to happen to you, your blog is such a great read and you are a sweetheart!

  6. @Fern ~ :\ No worries though! She deleted her blog already. ^^ Yup. Copying something but changed it into their own words is okay for me too. But this one is really unacceptable. HAHA.

    P/s: Even 2011 resolution are copied too. xD

    @Adrienee ~ Oh hun! Thank you so much! I am glad that she finally realized that she's busted and deleted her blog. Thanks you for your support sweetie! *hugs*

  7. haiyo.... so sad miss copycat......

  8. @Irene_shane ~ hehehe..yupp! SAD. :)

  9. sorry but the new year resolution being copied bulat2 is just hilarious. but on the bright side, that means ur a good writer :) she proly loves ur writing so much that she wouldnt want to change a thing.

  10. @V AHAHAHA..Yup, still shocked me till now. :D Aww, I hope she liked my writing but still I don't like ppl copy-pasted stuffs from me. :P


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