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*Short updates* kekeke.

HI. *waves* I am sorry for the lack of post. 

TT_TT I have indeed a very strong reason for my absent! Yeah. THESIS stuff and HOLIDAY stuffs. kekeke. I finally finished 90% of my thesis on Thursday! *jumps in happiness!* and Yea, I'm doing nothing except enjoying the  mid semester break which will end on TODAY *sigh*
As I promised, a very short update on my hectic life. -__-" Pathetic right? I spend almost every last minutes to be enjoyed while I still can. Buahahhaa. With less hectic schedule, I was hoping to spend some relaxing time with my fellow friends and also BF. ^_^

I finished 90% of my Thesis. Says YAYY again! :D

This is what happened when you're writing a THESIS. Trust me...All the hard work are paid off when your supervisor is statisfied with your works and and you accepted CONGRATULATION for submitting your thesis earlier and GOOD. xD Bleh. Happy Face!
YES. I am back to my original black jet hair. :3 Do you like it? This is my Mother's Day present for my beloved mom. ^_^ She's ecstatically very happy that her daughter finally lets go of her damaged lighter hair. xD Though I must say that I am happy too. ^^

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mother all around the globe! LOVE. 

More update tonight. Thanks For Reading my blog while I'm away!


  1. you look nice with black hair!
    i think you will like it better because no more yucky regrowth!! :) ..which reminds me that i need to bleach my roots again. :( sigh..
    congrats for finishing 90% of your thesis!! xD

  2. ^I agree with no roots showing! I'm thinking about whether or not to dye mine back to black, but I really want light brown hair for the summer

  3. Yay for thesis! And black hair! xD hehehehheh Dun forget to let your hair grow longer too muehehhehehehe

  4. @Fern~ I think so too! By having a black hair, suddenly my age are getting cut off and lots younger! Buahahahhaa.....xD Thanks Hun!!

    @Diana~ Here in Malaysia, the weather are so HOT that I really want to bald my hair....:) Lighter color it is for summer sweetie~ ^^

    @Amarantha~ ^^ I will sis~ :) hoho..thanks you babe!!


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