The Royal Wedding

CONGRATULATION to Prince William and his newly wed wife, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge.

HI. Did you watch the Royal Wedding or you did not bother to notice it at all? 

HAHA. I told myself that I didn't bother about the wedding at all but after I found out that I can watch it streaming LIVE on Yahoo, I immediately *Ahem* interested to watch it. A fairytale comes true indeed. What I really love *as like is very understatement for my feeling* about the wedding is......YES! Kate's wedding dress! I was like "OMG. OMG. That's my dream wedding dress!" 

 Amazingly gorgeous though the dress itself very simple and elegant. I love the fact that they put so much details on the dress. Gorgeous! This make me want to wear wedding dress so freaking badly. TT_TT...

Kate's second dress. Simply stunning~

*Awww* May GOD bless both of them. 

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry ~ Tom Mullen



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  1. I know some people were actually annoyed by all the news coverage. Seriously? Well, maybe only because it's happening outside of America, and you know how vain us Americans can be u__u I think it's wonderful. I still remember the night Princess Diana died... I was a little kid sitting on the floor watching tv with my grandparents, and then the crashed black car appears on the screen, and we were all extremely sad watching it. But now it's finally a happy ending that her son found his true love :)

    I wanted to watch the wedding, but I forgot what day it was, and when I saw it listed on my Comcast, I JUST missed the footage by minutes!! XD

    Her dress is SO stunning! Definitely elegant and simple, she looks so beautiful. I can picture Princess Diana wearing that same dress <3

  2. Ahhh the Royal Wedding :) hehehhe I'm one of those who were "huh? oh, ok... good. Congratulations" type. I'd always adored Princess Diana, and it's good that Prince William and Kate finally got married :3

    But of course I didn't see the footage, I was at campus... I might have watched it if I was at home since my mom was like freaking out about it... But, yeah, not really that excited :3 hehehheheh But congrats to the newlyweds :)

    ps: Next time, ask *ahem* to bring you to the wedding boutique to try some wedding dresses (do they allow it?) lol xD Yep, wedding dresses are envious...

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